Ambassador Spotlight: Hannah Reeves

Ambassador Spotlight: Hannah Reeves - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jan 14, 2019

Hannah Reeves - Life Elements Ambassador

What are three things that make you inexplicably happy? 

Feeling the wind on my skin during bike rides, walking barefoot in the sunshine, gawking at sunsets that look like cotton candy, smelling my hair after taking a shower, sleeping outside without a tent, making pad Thai for my friends, and eating cookie dough while watching Seinfeld. That's maybe more than three. You get to choose. 

What are two lessons you had to learn the hard way? 

Avoidance is poision. Cats don't like being chased. 

    What "tools" do you use when life gives you lemons, and the lemons are a bunch of really sh*tty times?

    I use physical activities to keep me grounded. Seeing myself physically progress with something like climbing or running gives me the instant gratification of knowing I can overcome whatever challenges I'm currently being gifted with. Also, writing. Whether it's in my journal, a note to a friend, or a caption on social media, writing helps me to objectively see ways of pushing through obstacles. 

    Favorite food, and why? 

    NOODLES! They're good at any time of the day (or so I like to believe), and they give me energy for endurance activities. And the word "noodle" is really fun to say. Try it. Noodle. See? 

      Shameless plug — what's your favorite Life Elements product?

      Currently, I love the CBD & Honey Ache and Pain Relief. I carry a ton of tension in my shoulders and used to take ibuprofen every day. Since discovering this little stick of magic, I've managed to stop taking pain relievers and awkwardly rubbing my shoulders throughout the day.
      Hannah Reeves - Life Elements Ambassador

        Anything we should definitely know about you?

        I love connecting with people! That might sound a bit strange. But really, hearing other people's unfiltered struggles and accomplishments is so refreshing.

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