Natural Treatment for Adult Acne

Natural Treatment for Adult Acne - Life Elements

Life Elements

Oct 29, 2019

Stops Adult Acne 

"This has been the most amazing product to cure my adult acne. I recommend to anyone who has problems with acne!! Thank you Life Elements!!" - Julia

LOVE it for my Acne 

"I’m about ready to get myself another tube... the bigger size this time 😉 I recently changed my skin care routine to be more minimal (no more spending hundreds on products I’m not sure even helped!) This skin repair stick has really helped lighten my acne scars and has helped new acne heal faster. I even sometimes use it alone as a moisturizer and just add some spf. Seriously, I’m so grateful for finding this product because I actually see results, and quick ones at that!" - Dannah 


"Love this product so much, I use it every single day. Buying the bigger one now that I know how great it is. Helps my acne, fades dark spots, perfect for ingrown hairs and dry skin!" - Baylee

Great for All-Around Skincare

 "I have used this on my acne, on sunburned skin, on dry elbows, and to help heal a tattoo that scabbing more than I wanted.

It's also fantastic at preventing chafing! I am an ultra runner and I use it under my bra line, around my waist band, where my pack sits on my shoulders. While my fellow runners are screaming in the shower after a long run because the water hitting their sore spots feels like death, I have no problems because the balm holds up to whatever sweat and friction I throw at it!" - Julie

Already Making a Difference 

"I’m loving the cbd skin repair stick! It gives my finicky combination skin the moisture it needs especially as it gets colder. Since using it I’ve also noticed a reduction in acne and a smoother appearance!! ⁣My skin's not perfect but I can now feel good about taking care of it thanks to Life Elements." 💛💛💛 - Madison



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