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Extra Self-Care Season With CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs
We relish summertime for its frivolous feels and carefree vibes; "So many hours in the day! I have all the time in the world!" Then autumn comes.

Sure—we love the chunk-knit sweaters and pumpkin-themed storefronts, but we can't help but fall victim to the frenzy of the impending holiday season, fewer hours of daylight, and society preemptively shoving New Years Resolutions in our faces. 

So, instead of soaking up the madness, let's soak for sanity. Let's commit to taking time for ourselves amid the chaos and remind our friends to do the same.

The days are shorter, and the temps are cooler, but we have extra self-care on our side.

No Bathtub? No Problem

CBD Bath Bombs

Two words: Foot Bath. It doesn't sound as great as a full-body bath, but that might be because you haven't tried it yet. Truly. Seriously. These Mini Bath Bombs DELIVER. Grab yourself a cute tub (you can get 'em on the cheap from somewhere like TJ Maxx), fill a cup of tea (or glass of wine), and plop your hardworking feet into the smoothest, most effervescent soak you didn't know existed.


mini bath bombs

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