FARMSteadEd and the SLO County Farm Trail

FARMSteadEd and the SLO County Farm Trail - Life Elements

Life Elements

Feb 16, 2023

Martha and I are not farmers, but we have been incredibly influenced by our association with so many local farmers and purveyors (which we wrote about here) since we moved to Atascadero, California and officially got Life Elements off the ground.

Our very good friend, Lynette Sonne, founded FARMsteadED in 2014 to serve as a conduit between visitors and farmers; something that would educate folks on the importance of sustainable practices, local land, and craft. Lynette organizes opportunities for both tourists and townies to learn about everything from bread to botanicals to mixology (aka the SLO County Distillery Trail).

Welcome to FARMstead Ed and the original SLO County Farm Trail

As part of the educational component, she developed the idea of the SLO County Farm Trail with the idea of educating and encouraging people to see and feel how their food is grown, what’s in season and why ingredients matter. Remember…Your skin is the largest organ in your body and what you put ON your body, is just as important as what you put IN your body.

We are proud to be part of community that supports healthy living and encourages education and understanding of how the best things in life are grown and fostered by people who understand the importance of healthy practices which create healthy food and a healthy ecosystem that ultimately benefits you with healthy and efficacious products.

Thank you Lynette and the rest of the SLO County Farm Trail partners for sharing your knowledge and passion with so many people!



SLO County Distillery Trail