Five Functional Gifts, and the Cards to Accompany Them

Five Functional Gifts, and the Cards to Accompany Them - Life Elements

Life Elements

Nov 20, 2018


Functional gift-givers, unite! We've compiled a list of all things utilitarian for your gift-giving ways, AND, just to make this list even more useful, we included the writing for your holiday card. Let's get started so you can get relaxing. 

1. CBD & Honey Ache and Pain Stick: 

Dear _________, 

Word on the street is that this salve was formulated by unicorns in the late 17th century. Ok, kidding. But it WAS crafted by a woman named Martha who began learning about herbal remedies over 55 years ago. This Ache and Pain stick has been known to remedy everything from inflammation due to arthritis, headaches, and hurt feelings. 


2. CBD & Honey Skin Repair


Dear _________,

If versatility and functionality had a baby, it would grow up to be Life Elements CBD & Honey Skin Repair. This magical salve works for fixing just about everything: fine lines, minor wounds, burns, (including sunburn), eczema (I'm not even sure if you get that, but whatever), cracked heels, daily moisturizer, acne, dark spots, and probably all kinds of other ailments.   


3. Three-Pack CBD & Honey Bliss Ball Bath Bombs

Dear _________

You know I hate giving superfluous gifts. That's why I present to you this 3-pack of CBD Bath Bombs. There's a 50mg, for when you've had an emotionally draining day, there's a 100mg for when you've had a tough workout, and there's a 200mg for pain obliteration. 


4. Honey Healing Body Oil

Dear _________, 

I know how much you love your skin care regimen, and this Body Oil is next level. Apply post-shower or post-bath and prepare to be amazed. It's like a hydration-station in a bottle, made with excellent ingredients and lots of love. 


5. Family Pack CBD & Honey Lip Goo

Dear _________,

Omg. You literally have not loved a chapstick until you've tried these Lip Goos. Their natural honey, mint, and lavender flavors will tickle your senses, their shimmer will leave your lips all kinds lovely, and, perhaps best of all, the CBD promotes skin cell regeneration so you don't need to buy pricey lip serums.