Five Things Only CBD Fans Understand

Five Things Only CBD Fans Understand - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jan 28, 2019

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1. Contrary to so-and-so's belief, you know CBD does not get you high. 

You've all had the conversation. You take out your Skin Repair or your Ache and Pain Stick and your friend, coworker, or mom says, "OMG, you're doing drugs?" You very patiently explain the non-psychoactive effects and launch into CBD's magic, how it's legal, and how you're not going to jail. 

2. You're obsessed with telling people about it.

You see someone with ibuprofen and have to stop yourself short from knocking the bottle straight out of their hands. You practically yell at them: "You HAVE to try this instead!" and frantically start shaving salve off the top of your CBD & Honey Ache and Pain Stick. Then you scream: "DOWN WITH PHARMA." (Ok, maybe not that last part.) 

3. You use it like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 

You have a cut, you put some CBD on it. You have a headache, you put some CBD on it. You have anxiety, you put some CBD on it. You have hurt get the idea. "Just put some CBD on it." 

4. Not all CBD products are created equal. 

When you hear someone say, "I tried it, but it didn't work," you fervently explain that lots of companies are simply cashing in on the CBD trend and don't actually care for (or understand) why ingredients matter. You tell them Life Elements is different because they handcraft every single product using years of knowledge and unique formulas designed to work with your mind and body; not against it. 

5. It has changed your life.

It's not like finding a new perfume or a sweet pair of kicks. CBD has truly reshaped your wellbeing. It has offered a road to relief from chronic pain; it's offered a way to sleep through the night; it's turned you from popping over-the-counter meds like candy, to a healthier, happier person. CBDon't mess with us. We love this stuff.


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