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Five Ways to Use Mini Bath Bombs

mini bath bombs

They're cute but powerful and they look like macaroons but fizz like Bath Bombs. Here's how to use 'em: 

1. Sore feet - Hiking through mountains? Chasing kids around the house? Bicycling through the dunes of a desert? No matter where you hustle, your feet are probably taking you there. Treat your blisters, soreness, and pain to an epic foot bath by plopping one of these bad boys (and girls) into a shallow tub of water. 

2. Arthritic hands - Mom's hands are arthritic? Your hands are arthritic? Get some relief with a CBD hand soak. Repeat as necessary. 

3. Carpal tunnel - Carpal tunnel is a syndrome caused by compression and swelling. A CBD soak can help reduce swelling and promote anti-inflammation. 

4. Take your pedicure to the next level: Bring a Mini to where you get your pedi's done and up your relaxation game. The calendula flower, colloidal oatmeal, honey, and eucalyptus will leave your feet softer than silk. 

5. However the heck you want - Put one in the tub or one in your friend's tub or one on your Christmas tree in December. They're so precious, they'll look good anywhere. 


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