Germ Defense, COVID-19, and What We're Doing

Germ Defense, COVID-19, and What We're Doing - Life Elements

Life Elements

Mar 15, 2020

Hey friends, Martha + Curt here. 

Strange times, right? We're finding communication to be more important (and honestly, comforting), than ever, so here's what we're doing at the Life Elements' headquarters. 

Our small but mighty team is working safely together using extreme social distancing in our facility. While we don't have the same exposure from visitors as other essential services (like groceries!), we still need to protect our staff, delivery service providers, and of course—customers.

We are taking precautionary measures very seriously. We have provided each staff member with a kit that includes N95 masks, gloves, sanitizer, and other items for their families to have on hand.

We are all required to sanitize ourselves as soon as we walk in the door, don a fresh apron or smock, shoe covers, and use a face mask and gloves at all times while on a production line or at our packing and shipping station. 

All deliveries are to be left outside the building, placed into a quarantined area, and sanitized before opening. Any visitors or pick-up orders must sanitize themselves and remain in the entryway of facility. If we require maintenance or any other necessary visitor to enter the large facility, they wear shoe covers, gloves, and a mask that we provide as soon as they enter. 

While we have always followed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) such as proper sanitization of production tools and equipment, we have implemented additional steps that include cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces such as tabletops, doorknobs, countertops, toilets, and sinks.

The last thing we're doing, (which is not out of the norm) is striving to provide relief for our customers. That's why we have made the following two videos, including one introducing our Germ Defense:

1. Part I: COVID-19 / Dry Hands 
2. Part II: COVID-19 / Germ Defense

As always, please know we're right here on the other side of the screen, keyboard, or phone for you.

Thank you for trusting our products and for your support. 

Martha, Curt, and the Life Elements Team