Getting Started with Essential Oils

Getting Started with Essential Oils

Life Elements

Oct 27, 2020

As a nature-based company, Martha (President and Product Alchemist) relies heavily on essential oils for their incredible benefits. We're always looking to empower people with healthier decisions for their skin and our planet, so we made this list for you to get started, right from home. 

essentail oils 101

Before we dive in: Three important facts to know

  1. Not all essential oils are created equal: Oils can be incredibly beneficial to health and replace many harmful chemicals found in most everyday products. However, oils can cross the blood-brain barrier, which means you’ll want to triple-check that you’re using high therapeutic grade essential oils. 
  2. There are three ways you can use essential oils: Aromatically via a diffuser, topically, or by ingestion. It’s imperative to know that many oils should never be ingested. 
  3. Less is more: Essential oils are highly concentrated. It’s recommended that when first experimenting, you use only 1-2 drops at a time. For those with sensitive skin, it’s recommended to dilute oils using a carrier oil.


Three Versatile Oils:


lavender benefits

If there is one oil to always have on hand, it’s lavender. Lavender is to oil lovers as Windex is to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’s safe to use in all the three ways listed above as long as it’s of high therapeutic grade quality. Some studies suggest lavender helps treat anxiety, insomnia, depression while also containing anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These are a few of the reasons Martha includes it in the Night Serum. Lavender has even been shown to help with cuts and burns. 



peppermint benefits

Peppermint is a crucial component for your all-natural emergency kits. It can help combat congestion, headaches, nausea, IBS, and more. For treating headaches, aromatherapy specialists recommend putting a drop of peppermint in your fingertips and rub it on the back of your neck and temples—but make sure not to get it near your eyes—you’ll only make that mistake once! One of our favorite tips is to rub a few drops of peppermint between your hands and breathe in through your nose. Some might even say no coffee is necessary after inhaling peppermint!



lemon essential oil benefits

Citrus is a natural detoxifier/cleanser. You’ll often hear about people drinking lemon water or adding lemon to their tea, and this is because lemon may promote immune support and help flush the body of unwanted toxins. Lemon oil is also commonly used in homemade household cleaners. Needless to say, you can do much more with lemons than just make lemonade. 

These three oils are just the start, and If you go searching, you will find ways to substitute the many harmful chemicals found in self-care and household products with essential oils. There is a reason that every Life Elements product has oils incorporated in them!