Gift Guide for Him: Give Him Surprising and Soothing Relief

Gift Guide for Him: Give Him Surprising and Soothing Relief - Life Elements

Life Elements

Nov 30, 2019

Whether you dread holiday shopping or relish in the gift-giving experience, one thing is certain: You feel better when you have gifts you're excited to give. Here's our list of dude-approved products for the best Christmas morning ever.

1. CBD & Tepezcohuite Plant-Based Body Oil

body oil for him
Delightfully versatile with no-frills attached. Unscented and non-greasy, everyone loves this CBD Body Oil. But if your dude is looking for something simple without a floral scent, look no further.

2. Men's Bath Bomb 

mens bath bomb

Great for the guy who loves the hot tub or for the guy who doesn't know (yet) that he loves baths. This Bath Bomb was inspired by Co-Founder of Life Elements, Curt Van Inwegen, as he reminisced about his time at bubbling Idaho hot springs. 

3. CBD & Honey Mint Lip Goo 

Gift Guide for HIM

Simple. Fresh. Minty. Smooth. Fits perfectly in the pocket of his jeans or the cupholder of the car. 

4. Face Mask 

face care for him

For sloughing dead skin cells and revitalizing those pores, there's the Life Elements Face Mask. You two can share a jar as you rewatch The Office for the 100th time. (No judgment.)

5. Ache and Pain Relief 

Gift guide for him

If he's as active as you are, chances are he needs some Ache and Pain Relief. Grab the 2oz for his medicine cabinet and the .50oz for his gym bag.

6. Night Face Serum

gift guide for him

This Night Serum is restorative, incredible skin magic. This 1oz bottle should last him for about three months (if you don't steal it!) before then!