Gift Guide for Vegans: Not Another Cookbook

Gift Guide for Vegans: Not Another Cookbook - Life Elements

Life Elements

Dec 4, 2019

Your vegan friend probably doesn't need another cookbook. Instead, surprise him or her with these eco-friendly, cruelty-free, 100% vegan products from our CBD&Vegan Collection.

vegan gift guide

1. CBD&Vegan Bath Bomb Bundle

Let your person know you care with these Vegan Bath Bombs. They've got all the oomph of the CBD&Honey Bombs, plus tepezcohuite; an ancient root known to relieve rashes and promote anti-aging. 

2. CBD&Vegan Face Mask

Vegan or not, everyone can benefit from sloughing dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. This Face Mask is part of the Facial Collection but stands great on its own as a 2-3x per week ritual. 

3. CBD&Vegan Plant-Based Body Oil

The best of the best. This Body Oil is loaded with some of the most restorative ingredients this good earth grows. Give it as a gift and be prepared to hear how amazing it is for the next however-many-months.