Gift Guide: Life-Changing Gifts Under $25

Gift Guide: Life-Changing Gifts Under $25 - Life Elements

Life Elements

Dec 11, 2019

Christmas doesn't have to break the bank. Here are some incredible gifts to give that will improve the lives of the recipients in simple but profound ways: 


gifts under $25

1. CBD & Honey Skin Repair, $16:

Give the gift of versatility. This little stick helps heal everything from paper cuts to eczema. Fits perfectly in a stocking and everywhere on-the-go. 

gifts under $25

2. CBD & Vegan Bath Bombs, $15/$18 (50 and 100mg):

For the vegan friend who doesn't want any bee by-products. Gift the 50mg for a relaxing spa-treatment and the 100mg for pain relief. 

Gifts under $25

3. Family Pack Lip Goo, $20:

The perfect gift, and it comes in three flavors. Naturally scented with real lavender, honey, and mint, without any synthetic dyes or ingredients you can't pronounce. 

healing honey body oil

4. Healing Honey Body Oil, $16:

No CBD in this Body Oil, so it's safe for nervous Nelly (who still doesn't trust that CBD won't get her high). With 100% five-star reviews, there's no way it won't be cherished.  

CBD Bath Bomb under $25

5. CBD & Honey Bath Bombs, $14, $16.50 (50mg, 100mg): 

Whether you get the 50mg or 100mg, one thing is for sure: Either one is an absolute treat. A Life Elements' CBD Bath Bombs is a perfect gift for the co-worker you're besties with, your Grandma with chronic pain, or yourself because you're kind of over Christmas shopping.