The Flower Bath Ritual

The Flower Bath Ritual - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jul 15, 2020

Life Elements Ambassador Katie Boué came up with a wonderful way to reuse florals. We'd like to share the screenshots from her story, because they're sustainably-brilliant and beautiful-to-boot.  Also, in her words, "Let's be honest, sometimes it's nice to feel like a princess." 

Prep: Locate flowers in the lonesome clearance bin at the grocery store:

bath ritual


Step 1: Trim the buds, and rinse the flowers, (because who knows what kind of chemicals are sprayed on them!) 

bath ritual

Sidenote about the floral industry: It's "gnarly." To read about its ugly truth, click here and remember to shop local! If you're in SLO County, might we recommend Idlewild Floral?

Step 2: Plop the washed flower tops in the tub with one of our Bath Bombs.

The Flower Bath Ritual


Step 3: Compost the rest!

cbd bath bombs


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