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Life Elements x Pride - Life Elements

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Jun 20, 2019

We are proud to support Equality California for Pride Month and once again Life Elements is donating all the June proceeds from each sale($2) of our award-winning Equality Bath Bomb. Thank you so much for YOUR continued support of Life Elements and Equality California. You can purchase this very special (and efficacious) Bath Bomb here and we hope you appreciate the story of our LGBTQ+ inspiration below.

—Thank you, Martha & Curt
Pride month x Equality California
"I knew my son was gay from the time he was 2 years old. And although I knew this, it did not ease the pain in my heart when he came out one day at the age of 15 after picking him up from school. The pain was not caused by his confirmation, but by the images in my head of Mathew Shepard, hate crimes against the gay community and having witnessed name calling and whispering of gay friends and neighbors behind their backs.
As we drove home and we talked about it more, I asked him "Are you sure? You know people are going to treat you differently and many will be mean and outright hate you”, but his response eased my fear a bit. He said, "Mom, I'm a strong person, I can handle it". So I told him “I will always love and support you, no matter what.” But again, those images had created a violent motion picture in my mind, so I held back my tears until we got home. I then proceeded to my room and cried into my pillow while mentally wrapping my arms, legs, and torso around my son - as a virtually blanket of protection.Michael Bettina
My son did not choose to be gay, he was born that way - a beautiful, happy boy. Gay is a gene, it’s not something I taught him, or ‘turned him into’, nor did he pick it up from his friends or by sitting on a toilet. Science has proven this. However, there are people that don’t like to hear or believe science, just as much as they don’t like to hear or believe climate change. It breaks my heart to see such ignorance. I cry when I hear of parents that can’t accept their child’s orientation and throw them out of their home or sign them up for so-called "conversion therapy". Michael Barbie
I know for some, supporting the LGBTQ community is against their religious belief, and for others it's simply a personal belief that 'it's just not right.' My belief is that no one has the right to tell anyone who they can or can't love. Who they can or can't marry. I believe that everyone is deserving of love and equal rights. 
My son has proven that he is a strong person, having dealt with discrimination through the rest of his school years and now into adult life. No matter, he stands tall and proud of who he is, and I continue to love and support him unconditionally!”
Pride is not just a once a year event for us at Life Elements, but a lifetime event.