Messages From the Makers: 2019 in Review

Messages From the Makers: 2019 in Review - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jan 1, 2020

From Martha:

cbd bath bombs

"Appreciation alert. This year we started with one 1,500 square foot facility. We did everything out of that space; shipping, labeling, product-making, yelling, dancing, etc. Quickly, we acquired another space nearby. At 750 square feet, it would become our designated station for Sticks, Serums, and Sugar Scrubs.

Fast forward another few months and add another 1,500 square feet; this space became our own custom Bath Bomb facility. And this past week (drum roll, please) we merged all three spaces into a big beautiful 6,200 square foot building that will serve as Life Elements’ headquarters. Everyone on the Team can be under one roof, with separate stations and the same mission: continue to grow, create, and connect.

Later in 2020, we will host how-to classes and have a retail front. We’ll have more opportunities to engage with our community, and we can increase production with the same high-quality products and attention to detail (plus a whole lotta breathing room!). 

Doubling our space wouldn’t have been possible without you all. Thank you for making us part of your recovery, part of your daily routine, and part of your family. This year was intense on all fronts—we moved three times, we had deaths in our family, and we underwent a massive, complex rebrand.

Curt and I feel incredibly grateful for each other, especially in light of these milestones. For some couples, business together is an undoing. For Curt and I, it’s only made us stronger. I wake up every day loving this man even more.

Happy New Year, and stay tuned for the powerhouse ingredient I found during my recent trip to Mexico. New products coming soon. 😉

Huge, huge hugs to everyone!


From Curt:

high-quality cbd

"This past year was both a blur and a never-ending marathon. First, we ended the era of Action Wipes—our previous flagship product that put us on the natural products industry map and brought us an incredible amount of joy through the firefighter community, (who were using Action Wipes to help reduce their risk of cancer). 

With Action Wipes’ end came Life Elements’ growth. We rebranded, we moved three times, and we strived to differentiate ourselves from the sea of CBD companies that hit the market. We remained passionate about quality ingredients and grew even more passionate about bad ingredients.

From IGTV to newsletters to Facebook, we hope you hear us when we say: Ingredients matter. In fact, they matter so much that we have a major initiative in 2020 to create even better (and more accessible) traceability for every single batch of products. This is an absolute mandatory component of every trustworthy brand selling CBD products and will help to continue our positive differentiation in this very crowded and noisy land of “CBD-this” and “CBD-that...” 

Another goal at the forefront: More sustainability. In 2019 we replaced 85% of our packaging with glass or recyclable containers and we’re hellbent on finding solutions for the remaining 15%. Stay tuned. We will definitely want your opinion to help formulate our approach to this very major hurdle.

As always, we are endlessly grateful you’re with us. Please don’t ever hesitate to communicate with us, because we want to know everything, like how are you using our products? Is there anything you dislike? Are there any products you’re hesitant to try? How’s your day going? Have any of our products surprised you? 

DM’s are always checked, emails are always read, and you can literally call us on the phone.


Thank you again and I hope everyone reading this has a super cool 2020.


- Curt"