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Motherhood and CBD

Moms are the best; they tell us when we're wrong (and we usually are), they teach us how to be bosses (because THEY usually are), and they have no shame about sending an email, text, and flare-gun when they're trying to reach us. Anyway, in light of how much we love them, we asked them what benefits Life Elements has brought to their lives. Here's what they said: 

moms and cbd

Chelsea: Between work, coaching, volunteering, cheering for kid's sports and getting our five kids to where they all need to be, my husband and I find it hard to relax. Enter the Life Elements Bath Bomb - our new favorite! Soaking in bliss reminds us the importance of a lil "me" time and gets us ready to take on the week ahead. We also are obsessed with the Ache + Pain Relief Stick after a long day of coaching track and my husband credits it with curing his long-standing neck pain! We are true fans of Life Elements products and have gotten several of our friends on board with the amazing benefits of CBD too! - Chelsea


babyboomers and cbd

NancyAs someone who suffers from degenerative disc disease, some days are better than others. I find when I put the Pain Stick on my back in a radius of 12 inches, within 15 minutes I get relief. I also use it on a herniated disc in my neck and I'm so happy to have an alternative to ibuprofen. When I have relief, I can do the things I want to do; work in the garden, go for a hike, hang out with my kids, or yell at them for leaving wet towels on the floor!  

CBD Motherhood

Selina: I love Life Elements! I use the Lip Goo to keep my lips hydrated and moisturized all day, the Skin Repair for any beauty blemishes, and Ache + Pain Stick for lower back pain.  

CBD and Motherhood

Yolanda: I am the mother of two kids with very busy social schedules. Between school, horse training and everyday life demands, my favorite way to end my day is with a relaxing bath infused with my Life Elements Bath Bombs. I love that I can choose the strength 50mg, 100mg, 200mg based on how rough my day was. 

These bath bombs leave my skin super soft, my body totally relaxed and my mind ready for a good nights sleep.

Motherhood and CBD

 Kaylie: As a fitness trainer and someone who works out almost daily, I love using the cbd & honey Ache & Pain stick on my sore muscles! As a mom, I love that the products are all natural and safe to use on my 4 kids. My daughter just got a bad spider bite and the Ache & Pain Stick helped relieve her quickly and I felt confident using it on her body!

moms and cbd

Haley: I have found few products that truly help me let go at the end of a long work day and evening with my kiddos. But Life Elements has become my go-to in taking a step back and slowing down. The Sleep Tincture is the only product I have found that’s truly effective without leaving me groggy and the bath bombs are ultimate relaxation! I’m incredibly grateful for these products and how they help ground this mama.


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