New Subscription Program

New Subscription Program - Life Elements

Life Elements

Aug 12, 2020

Please give a warm round of emoji applause (👏👏👏) for the new and improved Life Elements subscription program. Subscribers receive free shipping, a 10% discount, and regular deliveries that make you say, "This is the best day ever." Here's how to get started*:

 *Please note, if you already have a Life Elements subscription, you don't need to do anything—your subscription will automatically transfer to our new platform. 


1. Shop as usual. When you're on the page of a product you'd like to subscribe to, select the "Subscribe and Save" option. 

cbd subscription



2. Next, select the frequency of deliveries. Want four Bath Bombs every 30 days? Perfect. How about Ache + Pain Stick every two months? No problemo. 

cbd subscription program


3. After making sure your cart looks good, proceed to checkout.

bath bomb subscription

4. Next, enter your credit card info, and read the agreement diddy. 

cbd subscription

 5. That's it! Enjoy all the perks and products. You can cancel at any time. Start Shopping!


 Forgot your password?:

hemp subscription

Click on "account" link on the top right of the screen (see attached screenshots), which will bring you to your account page, where you can update your password or get a direct login link to your account. Once you do that, you can edit your existing subscription, change the products, the timing of the deliveries or god forbid, cancel your subscription orders. 


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