Gift Guide for Mom: She Gave Us Life, Let's Give Her CBD

Gift Guide for Mom: She Gave Us Life, Let's Give Her CBD - Life Elements

Life Elements

Dec 3, 2019

If your mom is anything like our mom(s), she has a deep dedication to simple, trustworthy products that do their jobs and do their jobs well.

We think your Mom and Life Elements would get along, so we created this Gift Guide.

Heads up: The last day to order (to ensure under-the-tree delivery) is December 17, 2019.

1. Day Face Serum

day serum for mom

If she's still using that heavy-duty moisturizer laden with artificial fragrances, tell her to swap it out with this Day Face Serum. She'll love how smooth her skin feels, the all-day hydration, and added bonuses of natural skin cell regeneration.

2. Night Face Serum

gift guide for mom cbd

You probably saw this one coming. Your Mom will want to follow up her morning routine with this nighttime serum, formulated to be a little heavier and therefore extra restorative. Benefits include the reduction of fine lines, a brighter complexion, deep (non-greasy) hydration, and anti-inflammatory goodness. 
3. CBD Bath Bomb or Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub 

gift guide for mom cbd

This one is contingent upon Mom's shower or bathtub situation. The Sugar Scrub is fantastic because it's the gift that keeps giving long after Christmas, and the Bath Bomb is a game-changing treat that quickly obliterates pain and soreness. So, really, it's a win-win. But if she doesn't have a bath and you still want to help her kick pain's butt, there's always the Ache and Pain Stick. See below. 

4. Ache and Pain Relief

ache and pain relief for mom

With over 80 five-star reviews and counting, there's no doubt about whether or not your mom will love this; it's just a question of which size to get. The .05oz fits perfectly in a purse or gym bag, but the 2oz is ideal for the medicine cabinet. Perhaps get both. She's probably definitely 100% worth it. 

5. Lip Goo Family Pack 

mom gift guide

Just trust us when we say: Mom will love the Lip Goo. The Family Pack features all three flavors, (naturally scented of course) so that she can keep one in her purse or briefcase, one at home, and one just out of reach from everyone who tries to steal it.

So, there you have it. Mom's all set with pain management, self-care treats, and improved skin health. Not sure what to get the men in your life? There's a Gift Guide for that.