"Signature" Refresh to our Best-Selling CBD Bath Bombs

Life Elements

Apr 14, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have added a distinguishing "Signature" to the name of our best-selling CBD Bath Bomb Collection. Our Signature CBD Bath Bomb Collection has consistently been a leading wellness product in the growing CBD beauty and skin-care markets, as noted in ForbesNewsweekMarie ClaireWell + Good, Refinery29and The Zoe Report. The elevation of this name recognizes our Collection's signature status and gives a nod to the Bath Bombs' superlative reputation. 

The Signature CBD Bath Bomb Collection represents the foundation of our heritage, demonstrating the finest in hand-crafted artisan tradition. Each Signature CBD Bath Bomb is made with goat's milk, oatmeal, vitamin E, and calendula, all known for their restorative and soothing properties.

Infused with essential oils such as copaiba and eucalyptus, each soak captures the essence and ingredient aromas, offering relaxation and ease for sore muscles. Created using the most effective and clean, nature-based ingredients, the Signature Bath Bomb Collection features broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD, presented in three different strengths:


  • 50mg - the lowest in dosage without compromising quality is likened to a gentle, calming massage.
  • 100mg - a happy medium to take the edge off and relax.
  • 200mg - the strongest and most popular Signature CBD Bath Bomb tapping into ingredients that relieve tension, aches, and pain.


In a Bath Bomb purchasers survey, 64% reported choosing our Bath Bombs based on strength, with the 200mg Signature CBD Bath Bomb being the most popular choice and over 70% of users citing use for pain and anxiety. 

After months of researching and developing strategies to showcase the Signature CBD Bath Bomb Collection as one of the most effective products on the market, Life Elements is proud to introduce an inventive CBD Strength Chart to inform guests about each bath bombs' variant as it relates to pain management and anxiety relief. 

signature cbd bath bomb


The integration of the CBD Strength Chart is part of Life Element's product refresh featuring enhanced Signature Bath Bomb Collection and Specialty CBD Bath Bomb product pages, optional Bath Bomb Bundle pricing, streamlined navigation, and beautifully curated photography for a user shopping experience that celebrates Life Elements' success.


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