Life Elements Subscription Program

Life Elements Subscription Program - Life Elements

Life Elements

Feb 28, 2019

1. What can I subscribe to?

🦁 Everything the light touches. Aka, any product on the site.

2. How often will my orders get delivered? 

⌛ After you create your account, you choose the frequency of your Life Elements deliveries every 30, 60, or 90 days. 

    3. How happy will my piggy bank be?

    🐷 Your piggy bank will be thrilled and your skin and body will rejoice. Save 10% on every order and never pay for shipping again. 

    4. What's the cancellation policy? 

    ❌ Cancel anytime! Please note we cannot accept returns or issue refunds if you forget to cancel your subscription. 

    5. Can I skip a month? 

    👌 Sure thing.

    6. Can I combine discounts with the subscription? 

    🗣 Negative, but we like where your head's at. 

     7. How do I create my account? 

    📦 After you place your first order, you'll receive an email to finish setting up your account. 

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