Six Things You Don't See When You Buy Life Elements

Six Things You Don't See When You Buy Life Elements - Life Elements

Life Elements

Apr 15, 2019

You read reviews. You buy the product. You love the results. But what else is happening? What don't you see when you purchase something from Life Elements? 

Original formula. Life Elements' base formula is one of the main differentiating factors when you buy from us. All Life Elements formulas are 100% original and endlessly tested, having come from Martha's knowledge and heritage. We follow cruelty-free and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as recommended by the FDA.

handmade cbd products
No fillers, no shortcuts to mass-produce. Everything is made in our custom production facility that allows us to maintain quality & consistency instead of subbing out to a contract manufacturer. 

Handmade cbd bath bomb

Organic hemp! Grown in Colorado by farmers we trust. It's important to us that our CBD comes from a healthy, pesticide-free home. 

organic hemp

 Handmade, hand-poured. It is a labor of love. Each Stick, Scrub, Goo, and Oil is carefully crafted from start to finish. It's kind of obsessive but in a good, attention-to-detail kind of way.

 cbd for pain relief

No toxins, no parabens, no harsh chemicals, and no-nonsense. We only use ingredients that are good for you, good for your skin, and good for the Earth.

know your makers

Power couple. Martha and Curt have been married for over 15 years, and business partners for almost just as long. Read more about their adorable and gradual love story here.