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A Little Bit of Pot, and Martha's Discovery of Goldenseal

I’m not going to lie—I smoked pot (marijuana) from high school through the late 70’s. I wouldn’t call myself a pothe...

Why We Use Frankincense and Myrrh in Our Skincare Products

We get kidded a lot when we tell folks we use frankincense and myrrh in several of our skincare products – the first...

Why We Love Rosemary: Health, Cooking & Landscaping Benefits

As a beekeeper, cook and skincare formulist, one of my favorite herbs is rosemary, due to its versatile properties. ...

A pantry staple that keeps skin supple

When you think of olive oil, your mind tends to wander to Tuscany – a faraway place full of romance, history and bea...

Why we use honey in our skin care products

As beekeepers, we know quite a bit about the superpowers of honey and other bee-derived byproducts, such as royal je...
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