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How to Read Ingredient Lists on Skincare Products (And Why You Should Care)

Ingredients really do matter and if you are concerned about what you put in and on your body, then the best place...

Calendula: uses for skin, inflammation and sleep

My first memory of calendula was not in my grandmother’s garden, but in my mom’s. My brother and I were responsible ...

Why we created our new Healing Honey Body Scrub

When our founder Martha formulated the Healing Honey Body Scrub she had her own skin in mind.   “As a woman, I don’...

What worked when Prednisone didn’t!

We created the Healing Honey Stick as an everyday use item for normal dry skin, but two recent testimonials from peo...

Meet the Healing Honey Stick aka the salve of 100 uses

One of our best sellers here at Life Elements is the Healing Honey Stick. Dubbed the salve of 100 uses it’s become a...

Can our Healing Honey Stick Help Eczema?

Can our Life Elements Healing Honey Stick reduce the pain and suffering of Eczema and Rosacea? Can it be a magical c...
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