We're Rebranding - Here's What it Means for Life Elements

We're Rebranding - Here's What it Means for Life Elements - Life Elements

Life Elements

Sep 19, 2019

Martha and Curt Life Elements
  • New packaging - We are passionate about the impact we have on the environment as business owners; we want to package our products with the same care that we put into our products. That's why our new launch features glass containers and reusable jars. 
  • New brand logo - We're growing, but our new branding will reflect what we've always stood for. Read Curt's message below on why we're parting ways with the waterdrop. 
  • New products: Face serums, face wash, and so much more. You won't hate any of it. 
  • Giveaways - You better believe we're going to be doing some social media Giveaways to celebrate our launch! The first one is coming up. Follow on IG and Facebook, so you don't miss a thing. (Cue Aerosmith song.)

And now, a brief message from Curt, CEO of Life Elements about our new brand mark: 

"The current Life Elements logo mark was created in 2014 and fit our single line of products at the time. As we grew, the cracks in our brand language were quickly revealed. Now, we're changing, adjusting our sails, and growing with our customers.
We're sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to share all the hard work that has gone into the rebrand over the past year. In the meantime, here are some things that will never change:
  • Hand-crafted quality 
  • No synthetic or artificial anything
  • Ancient ingredients with time-tested efficacy
  • Loyal attention to detail and customer service
The official launch date is November 18, 2019, (updated). We're so, incredibly, eternally grateful to everyone who has helped us get here. We love you all a whole lot." 
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