What are the Benefits of Calendula?

What are the Benefits of Calendula? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Sep 29, 2021

Our products are made with the "entourage effect" in mind, which means each ingredient is added to bring out the best in each other. (How supportive!) One ingredient that plays well with almost all others is calendula. 

As a child, Martha and her mother would plant calendula in their home garden and to this day, the flower’s bright orange leaves and sweet aroma brings about fond memories for the Life Elements founder and chief alchemist. 

Martha and family

About Calendula 

Calendula is a cousin to the marigold plant but the scent of the calendula is much more pleasant than that of the oft bitter smell of marigold. More importantly, Calendula is also widely used for medicinal purposes, as it is known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing properties that can boost the immune system as well as help soothe, hydrate, and tighten skin tissue. According to our friends at All Good Products,

In addition to using whole petals, calendula flowers can be ground into powder or made into oils, creams, and ointments. The FDA has approved calendula for use as a spice and as an ingredient in cosmetics, soaps and shampoos, body creams, and wound treatment, both internally and topically.”

Benefit #1 of Calendula: Antioxidants 

Prevailing research concurs, showing that calendula leaves have powerful antioxidants with healing properties that can soothe wounds, reduce scarring, relieve skin irritation, and combat dry skin or rashes. The versatility of the plant and its ability to work well with distinctive compounds make calendula a very important ingredient in the Life Elements family, and an important player in promoting glowing skin. 

Benefit #2 of Calendula: Anti-Inflammatory 

Calendula is anti-inflammatory. That means when applied to skin, it can help soothe irritations including acne, eczema, or psoriasis. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are also important for your skin to prevent future damage and help repair current damage. 

Benefit #3 of Calendula: Anti-Aging

One recent study found that calendula may boost collagen production. Collagen is one component that keeps our skin youthful. Additionally, calendula can help hydrate your skin, thereby preventing fine lines and premature aging. 

 Where Does Life Elements Source Calendula? 

Life Elements takes great pride in sourcing nature-based ingredients and Martha’s unique understanding of the benefits of herbal remedies has placed Life Elements products as one of the most efficacious bath, body, and skincare brands on the market.

How it's Made

Martha states, “Everything we blend into a product formula has a very specific purpose and must be compatible with the other ingredients. Calendula is one of my favorite flowers and it has become one of our signature ingredients because it has a multitude of nourishing, hydrating, inflammation-fighting properties for your skin.”

Another part of the Life Elements family is its relationship with Loo Loo Farms, located in nearby Paso Robles. Life Elements has long sought to source as many ingredients local and seasonal to California whenever possible. 

Loo Loo Farms

Supporting California farmers that vibe with Life Elements’ effort to provide the finest ingredients while maintaining sustainable practices further differentiates the brand. Martha enthuses,

“We are so fortunate to source this gorgeous calendula locally from Loo Loo Farms. This allows us to ensure that we have continuous access to the highest quality ingredients, virtually, in our backyard!"'


You can find calendula in many of our Fall Skincare items, including: