Why Do We Care About Women's History?

Why Do We Care About Women's History? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Mar 12, 2020

Why do we care about Women’s History Month? (Besides obvious reasons, such as equality and human rights?)

Life Elements is a predominately woman-powered company. Most of the time, Curt is the only male at the Life Elements HQ, which means there is an incredible amount of girl power here at the helm. (Not to say that Curt isn’t badass in his own right—because he is.) But, when you’re surrounded by an all-female staff, it’s hard not to celebrate 30-days dedicated to often-overlooked contributions of women
There have been huge advancements in women’s rights, but the work is far from over. After all, it was only 30-some years ago that Martha was propositioned by her boss in order to move up the ranks at her work. 
Here are some more facts from Global Citizen to get you fired up about Women’s History Month: 
  1. Only 24.3 percent of all national parliamentarians were women as of February 2019.
  2. 1 in 3 women has experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime.
  3. In most countries, women only earn between 60 and 75% of men’s wages - for the same work.
  4. Over 150 countries have at least one actively sexist law (such as married women not being allowed to leave their house without their husband’s permission, “legitimate rape, and more.)  
  5. Oh, and this one from Pac Macmillan: The US is one of only eight countries in the world  that does not presently have a federal paid maternity and family leave act. 
Are we going to single-handedly combat sexism with our CBD sticks and Bath Bombs? (No, but that offers an amazing and entertaining visual.) However, we believe that small ripples can make big cultural shifts. We believe in women supporting women, and we believe that knowing our history—and current affairs—gives us power and strength. 
We want to contribute to the inclusion and representation of women everywhere so that no female ever has to question her ambition or her place on the main stage, and no one gets in her way.
That’s why you’ll see us recognizing Women’s History Month until March 31st, but—really—we’re celebrating every single day.