Your Mother's Day Gift Guide

Your Mother's Day Gift Guide - Life Elements

Life Elements

Apr 28, 2021

Let's do a little better than the impulse aisle at Whole Foods, shall we? Give Mom something thoughtful, natural, and as dependable as she is. Everything on this list is handmade and high-quality. Let's get started: 

Outdoor Spray

Mother's Day Gift Guide
Outdoor Spray ($16)
Does she hike? Does she garden? Does she sit outside and spy on the neighbors? (Love her.) Or, does she run around chasing 3 kids with the hubs or wifey? If she goes outside, at all, ever—she will love this all-natural Outdoor Spray. Safe for her and the whole fam bam. 

Mother's Day CBD Bath Bomb Bundle

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day CBD Bath Bomb Bundle ($53)

You know what's better than silence? The gentle fizz of an effervescent CBD Bath Bomb, carefully hand-crafted with soothing, natural ingredients and subtle scents of essential oils. Made with organically grown, hemp-derived, water-soluble CBD, these Bath Bombs will wash away stress, pain, and sleepless nights.


Everyday Skin Repair 

Everyday Skin Repair ($16-$36)

This will become the MVP of Mom's backpack, purse, or pocket. Amazing for soothing bites, burns, rashes, and boo-boo's, Everyday Skin Repair is truly the most versatile product we make. It even works on wrinkles. For a full list of uses, check out this blog post. It also comes in a non-CBD version, called the Healing Honey Stick

Ache + Pain Relief  

Ache + Pain Relief ($30-$98)

Incredible for relief from arthritis, post-surgery, headaches, back pain, you name it. This item in our Mother's Day Gift Guide is the gift that keeps giving. 


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