Mother's Day Bundle

Mother's Day Bundle - Without Bath Bomb Mother's Day Bundle - With Bath Bomb

Give one of everything to the woman who gave us everything

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Mom is the best, and here’s a gift to prove it: Day Serum that’ll transform her skin, Ache + Pain Relief to relieve all those headaches we gave her, Skin Repair for just about everything, and of course, Lip Goo—it’s a Mom-staple. Add a Bath Bomb if it makes sense; she’ll love you for it. 

Day Serum: Anti-aging and incredibly soothing. Even if your Mom has been a staunch believer in lotion, give her this Serum and she will be amazed at how different her skin feels after just one use.

Skin Repair: Give us an ailment and we'll give you a reason why Skin Repair helps. Whether your Mom is a gardener, chef, DIY diehard, or adventurer, this Stick will become her new favorite in countless ways.

Ache + Pain Relief: As one mom wrote, "Sometimes I wake up in the morning, and take an inventory on what hurts the most." The Ache + Pain Relief Stick takes the inevitability of aging and makes it a whole lot more enjoyable (and mobile!).

Lip Goo: What's a Mom's purse/briefcase/fanny pack without Lip Goo? Nothing! This Goo adds that extra "Ohhh!" to the senses, lips, and carrying vessel of Mom's choice.

Bath Bomb:  If Mom has a bath at home, the addition of the Bath Bomb is a no-brainer. She simply has to experience the sensation of melting into a sea of relaxation and emerging without (or with much less) pain.

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