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Everyday Skin Repair Uses - Life Elements

Life Elements

Dec 3, 2020

From rock climbers to runners, gardeners to grandmothers, millennials to boomers—everyone has found uses for Everyday Skin Repair—some that we still don't even know about. Its versatility and efficacy make it a prized possession for those who know how to wield its power. That said, if you're unsure of how to use this mighty multifaceted salve, allow us to introduce a few ways, with the most popular uses at the top:

Daily Moisturizer: 

  • "I’ve been using this on my face morning and night for about 2 years now. I use it as my moisturizer, and it works so well on my combination skin."


  • "I am BEYOND happy with the skin repair stick!! I have eczema on my breasts pretty bad. I have never had anything that I've used to help me with this problem work in such a quick manner!!! Within a week I've noticed a reduction of inflammation and size of the affected area. It has healed and stayed that way. I'm definitely telling everyone I know about this! Thanks so much for making this skin balm!!!"

Adult Acne:

  • "This has been the most amazing product to cure my adult acne. I recommend to anyone who has problems with acne!! Thank you Life Elements!!"

Cracked Skin: 

  • "I ordered this thinking I would like the product, but ended up being astounded by it! It fixed my split knuckles in less than a week AND got rid of a very persistent spot of acne overnight. Absolutely incredible." 


  • "Hasta la Vista, Rodan and Fields, I got my Stick!"

Tattoo Care:

  • "This little guy has been so great to have in my bag while dealing with a healing sleeve. I don’t have to get my hands all gross with lotion and being able to just swipe the specific areas I want is so helpful. I love the smell of it and it doesn’t stain my clothes! Wins all around."

Post-Surgical Wounds: 

  • "This multipurpose salve is an absolute wonder—I use it for so many different things. Fabulous for the under eye area, lips, cuticles, on burns and minor cuts & scrapes. I had a major surgery 4 months ago in my abdominal area and I apply this nightly to the incision site and surrounding skin and feel it has facilitated my healing considerably. Incredibly pleased... and I highly recommend!"

Rashes (Including Poison Oak, Poison Ivy):

  • "This stuff was soothing and helped with a horrible rash I had. Within 3 days the improvement was obvious. Within 7 the rash was almost gone."


  • "My friends that are chefs use it for their many cuts and burns; My mom friends LOVE it for all the bumps and scrapes they encounter."


  • "My boyfriend uses it for his psoriasis itch that can be unbearable. Everyone I have shared this product with has been more impressed than the last."


  • "I bought it because it says it could help with rosacea, and I was looking for some relief. It has worked wonders for me! It hasn’t made it go away, but it has defiantly made it more manageable for me. Thank you for making such a wonderfully diverse product!"


  • "I am in Martha's Vineyard for holiday and got a pretty bad burn on my face yesterday. I used this post-shower and then again at night and when I tell you I woke up bronzed 😍😍😍"

Cuts and Scrapes:

  • "I crashed my mountain bike this past weekend and have been using this on my leg since the day it happened. Really impressed with how quickly it's healing and how it soothed all the swelling as well. I'm excited to have this in my wound care arsenal!"

Bug Bites: 

  • "We’ve used this on everything from sunburn, cuts, scrapes, chapped skin and bug bites. It works and it’s a staple in our first aid drawer."


  • "It's fantastic at preventing chafing! I am an ultra runner and I use it under my bra line, around my waist band, where my pack sits on my shoulders. While my fellow runners are screaming in the shower after a long run because the water hitting their sore spots feels like death, I have no problems because the balm holds up to whatever sweat and friction I throw at it!"


  • "It really works on our farm dogs."

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