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Meet the Founders

Martha Van Inwegen

Martha grew up in Mexico, in a town where having shoes was a luxury and medicine was often unavailable. Some of her earliest and strongest memories are hanging onto her Grandmother’s apron, following her everywhere, as she began to learn how to make herbal salves and tinctures.

Martha would go into the hills to collect flowers with her Grandfather and into the garden to collect herbs with her Grandmother. Together, they’d make tinctures and medicine in the kitchen.

From the get-go, Martha was fascinated by the synergy of ingredients. She has become a product alchemist out of sheer practice and curiosity, fueled by the magic of helping others.

She also went through a wild child phase where she spent quite a bit of time on the back of motorcycles, but that’s for another day.

Curt Van Inwegen

When Curt was 16-years old, he wrote letters to every bicycle publication in the US asking them to sponsor him and his best friend in the first-ever mountain biking descent of Pike’s Peak—a rugged summit standing at 14,115 feet high in the Rocky Mountains.

The proposition was that they equip Curt and his best friend with gear and kickass bikes for the adventure. It worked! He and his pal bombed down unchartered territory, making history.

We could tell you all kinds of other things about Curt; his years at an explosive startup in Silicon Valley, all 22 times he moved before the age of 21, that he lived as the son of an Air Force dad, or his unwavering affinity for his wife’s Mexican cooking. But—the bike story still who Curt is today; kicking butt with his best friend. (Only now, his best friend is Martha.)

Podcast: Topa Talk + Life Elements

An interview with Curt & Martha!

Listen on: topa talk spotify apple podcasts google play

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