Subscription Program Headquarters

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Q: How do I sign up? 
A: Under each product, you will find a "subscribe" option. From there, you will create an email account and username associated with your account. 

Q: What can I subscribe to?
A: Everything! Each product page has a subscription option available. 

Q: How do I edit my subscription, i.e. frequency?
A: After you place your first order we will send you an email to finish setting up your account. After that, you will use this account to edit your subscription, where you can change the duration time of your deliveries (every 30, 60, or 90 days). However, your delivery schedule will default to every 30-days until you edit from the backend. 

Q: Can I add discount codes to my subscription orders? 
A: Unfortunately, no. The software for subscriptions is not compatible with the add-to-cart function. 

Q: Can I cancel at any time? 
A: Sure can! No cancellation fees. 

Q: Can I sign up month-to-month?
A: Yup. No commitments are necessary. 

Q: Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Q: What if I forget to cancel? 
A:  Unfortunately, we cannot refund or accept returns if you forget to cancel your subscription. However, if you find yourself with surplus Life Elements products, here's a pro tip: they make for a perfect birthday, house-warming, bridal, or holiday gifts. (Especially when one of the events mentioned above sneaks up on you.) 

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Right here!  We love you no matter what.