5-Step Bath Ritual for Realignment

5-Step Bath Ritual for Realignment - Life Elements

Life Elements

Oct 8, 2020

How Can You Use a Bath Ritual for Renewal? 

Celestial events are often prime times for intention-setting and renewal. Whether it's Mercury Retrograde, a lunar eclipse, or the Winter Solstice, the following five steps can help you review, reassess, and realign.

CBD Bath Bomb

1. Let the Essential Oils Relax You

Before you review and realign, you need to slow down and come into the present moment. Using your sense of smell invites you into a state of mindfulness, and our bath products are intentionally made with essential oils to promote clarity and relaxation. As you let your bathtub fill with water, unwrap your CBD Bath Bomb or Lunar CBD Bath Salts. Take them out of the (compostable!) paper and gently take in the scent of the products. You'll smell cool notes of earth's energy in the form of Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, Frankincense, and Palo Santo; these are meditative essential oils that Martha has carefully blended into each CBD Bath Bomb and bag of Lunar Bath Salts. Each scent promotes relaxation, restfulness, and clarity for your bath ritual. 


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2. Acknowledge Water as a Sacred Ritual 

Before you get into the bath, consider the ancient history of bathing and the significance of water. Water is a cleansing power for body and spirit. The sacred ritual of bathing has transpired across cultures and generations for centuries, which is why we suggest approaching your bath time as a meaningful, spiritual oasis. Don't just fill the tub, hop in, and let your mind race for 30-minutes. Allow the act of bathing to rinse away negative energy, and then reassess your intentions. 

Bath Ritual Setting intentions

3. Set your Intention

Got your journal? Good. Time to set your intention. An intention is an act of setting a purpose or desire to manifest a specific outcome. When we create space for our intentions, they are more powerful. When we write them down, they're even more powerful. Use this bath as a time and place to hone in on the details of your desire. Perhaps you want to set the intention of attracting abundance; maybe you intend to open your heart to feel your partner's love; perhaps you intend for your body to be vital, healthy, and strong. Whatever the intention, prepare to meditate on that thought as you soak—but be sure to journal, first. 

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4. Be Open to Realignment

This step is more complicated than it sounds. Ever notice how it's sometimes—ok, always— easier to stay stuck in our ways? Change is hard, which is why it's wise to harness celestial changes for help in realignment. Mercury Retrograde (and orbits of other planets) causes movement and disruption, like plate tectonics—but instead of the Earth's crust moving—it's our lives. Sounds scary! Fear not. On the contrary, shifts can be used to our advantage. When things are in motion, they're easier to realign. As you soak, ask yourself, "Are there patterns or processes I need to change?" Some answers may come up that can help you manifest your intentions, so be open to hearing and accepting them. 

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5. Reflect

As your bath comes to a close, reflect and review. Think about the clarity you found and the intentions you set. Don't be afraid to pick up your journal again and write about the feelings that came up. Envision the energy you cleansed. How does your body and mind feel? Picture how you will approach the following day, and if you're a goal-oriented person, consider how you want to feel during the next celestial event. 

In Summary 

We hope you repeat as necessary, and use celestial events as times to grow—despite the discomfort. These spiritual baths can transform you. Enjoy the journey. 

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