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Ambassador Spotlight: Creigh - Life Elements

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Jan 20, 2019

Cody, Life Elements Ambassador

What are three things that make you inexplicably happy?

Quality time with my friends and family, cooking a dinner or baking dessert and iced coffee, most importantly.

What are two lessons you had to learn the hard way?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that you must take care of yourself first in order to be able to take care of others. As long as I can remember, I’ve instinctually wanted to uplift and support those around me.

I’ve discovered that if I’m burnt out or not looking after myself mentally and physically, I’m unable to really be there for my loved ones when it matters most. Being honest with myself and with those around me about what I need to recharge has helped create an open communication where everyone feels loved and supported.

The second most important lesson I’ve learned the hard way is that my neighbors can hear everything going on in my apartment, and coincidentally don’t always enjoy starting their day to Britney Spears playing loudly like I do.


Cody, Life Elements Ambassador

What "tools" do you use when life gives you lemons, and those lemons are a bunch of really sh*tty times? 

Unfortunately, last year brought on some really sh*tty lemons indeed. I did find that if I pause, be present in the moment and “unpack” my feelings and find the root of the issue at hand, it’s much easier to diagnose the problem and solve it with a clear mind.

Meditation has also helped clear my mind and understand that all we have is “here” and “now” and to not take life too seriously, especially if those sh*tty lemons aren’t worth the negative energy.

Now, if the lemons ARE the ultimate sh*tty lemons, it’s always a good idea to turn to a loved one for support and be vulnerable with your issues. Shame thrives in secrecy and sometimes the best lemonade of all is just opening up about what you’re going through.


Favorite food, and why?

Pizza. Hands down. No contest. If you have to ask me why, you don’t deserve an answer. Just come over and have a slice with me.

Cody, Life Elements Ambassador

Shameless plug: What's your favorite Life Elements product and why?

With 100% authenticity, I have to say I use the Ache and Pain Stick every single day. My body is like a glow stick, it needs to crack and pop to get glowin’ and the Ache and Pain Stick is honestly amazing. I apply it to my troubled knee, my neck, and on any muscle that needs a little extra TLC that day. The stuff is MAGIC.


Anything we should definitely know about you? 

Well, I’m an incredibly private person and I don’t usually open up about my personal life (sarcasm is off the charts here) so I’ll leave you with two truths and a lie. I’ll let you decide which are the real facts about me:
A: I make time for self care every single day, whether it be a face mask, a special meal or a body scrub and at-home mani/pedi.
B: While jogging I imagine I’m the star of a dramatic, cinematic and expertly choreographed music video for every song on my playlist.
C: I am a Harvard Graduate class of 1966.


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