The Best Summertime CBD Bath and CBD Foot Soaks

The Best Summertime CBD Bath and CBD Foot Soaks - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jun 22, 2021

Hello Summer! It is hot. But here's a few tips to relieve stress, shrink your pores, and bring spa-treatment to a bathtub near you with our CBD Citrus Bath. It's vibrant, perfect for summertime, and beneficial-to-boot. Speaking of boots, don't forget—all our CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Bath Salts can be used as foot soaks. And we just launched our CBD Foot Soaks and they are an affordable and glorious way to cool down and chill those "barking dogs!" 


citrus fruit bath

The Benefits 

  • Shrink pores
  • Improve circulation
  • Clean toxins
  • Aromatherapy + stress relief
  • Clear + even skin tone
  • Smooth wrinkles + reduce sunspots
  • Boost immune system
  • Make you feel like a queen
Citrus Bath

The Steps

  • Wash your citrus fruit
  • Draw hot or cool bath depending on your preference and season. Our CBD is water soluble, and has the same dissolve rate in all temperatures. 
  • Cut  three lemons into wedges and squeeze juice into water, compost the remains
  • Slice the rest of the fruit into medium-thick pieces and place in water
  • Drop in CBD Bath Bomb or CBD Bath Salts
  • For a foot soak, we recommend our CBD Foot Soaks with Magnesium
  • Cue music, sip spritzer, soak for 25-30 mins
  • Compost the citrus 
  • Feel like a million bucks


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