Your CBD Citrus Bath Guide

Your CBD Citrus Bath Guide

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Jun 22, 2021

Relieve stress, shrink your pores, and bring spa-treatment to a bathtub near you with our CBD Citrus Bath. It's vibrant, perfect for summertime, and beneficial-to-boot. Speaking of boots, don't forget—all our CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Salts can be used as foot soaks. We recommend the lower doses (50mg Signature CBD Bath Bomb or 1/4th bag of 200mg Salts) to save money and CBD. 


citrus fruit bath

The Benefits 

  • Shrink pores
  • Improve circulation
  • Clean toxins
  • Aromatherapy + stress relief
  • Clear + even skin tone
  • Smooth wrinkles + reduce sunspots
  • Boost immune system
  • Make you feel like a queen

Citrus Bath

The Steps

  • Wash your citrus fruit
  • Draw hot or cool bath depending on your preference and season. Our CBD is water soluble, and has the same dissolve rate in all temperature. 
  • Cut  three lemons into wedges and squeeze juice into water, compost the remains
  • Slice the rest of the fruit into medium-thick pieces and place in bathwater
  • Release CBD Bath Bomb or CBD Bath Salts. Want max citrus? Use the Equality Bath Bomb, specially formulated with essential oils featuring sweet orange and grapefruit. 10% of Proceeds from the Equality Bath Bomb go to LGBTQ+ rights and Equality California. 
  • For a foot soak, we recommend 1/4 the bag of Bath Salts, or a 50mg Signature CBD Bath Bomb
  • Cue music, sip spritzer, soak for 25-30 mins
  • Compost the citrus 
  • Feel like a million bucks


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