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Cheers to the Bath Bomb - Life Elements

Life Elements

May 8, 2019

bath bomb review
Rebecca S, (pictured above), is a customer from Boulder, Colorado. She told us recently that our 100mg Bath Bomb blew all other bath bombs out of the (bath)water. Here's her full review:
"Other bath bombs I've used have turned the tub a really unnatural color; pink or purple or something. Your Bath Bomb smelled amazing and natural, but not overpowering. It was the perfect amount of "bomb," and felt so nourishing for my skin. I didn't feel the need to wash it off my body after the bath. It was silky but not soapy. This was the first time I've used one that actually made me feel cleaner and my skin softer. This was the best Bath Bomb...ever."
Let's break down Rebecca's review and extract the facts:

1. No weird bathwater.

We don't use synthetic dyes, ever. Our skin is like a sponge: highly absorbent and very porous. A large percentage of what we put on our bodies goes IN our bodies—especially if we're bathing in it. Absorption-sensitivity is increased when it comes to your who-hah's and packages, so, we keep harsh chemicals of our products for obvious reasons.

cbd bath bomb
2. That fresh scent.
No synthetic fragrances in this house. The fresh scent that Rebecca loved comes from eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, and calendula; three ingredients with longstanding uses in history, including Martha's history! Each Bath Bomb you buy comes with decades of plant-based knowledge that Martha began learning about in Mexico as a young girl.
cbd bath bomb
3. Smooth-not-soapy. 
The skin benefits from these Bath Bombs are outrageous. Kudos to powerhouse ingredients such as nutritious oils, goats milk and colloidal oatmeal. How does Martha know the exact ratios of ingredients to deliver such amazing results? More about Martha's background in product alchemy here.
4. The best Bath Bombs ever.
It's not just the cannabidiol that makes these the best ever; it's the whole kit and kaboodle. Our organic, hemp-derived CBD relies on the  synergy of arnica, copaiba, and neem; all of which contain anti-inflammatory properties. It's like an epic superhero party under one fizzy roof, and you're all invited.
cbd bath bomb