Five Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

Five Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Skin - Life Elements

Life Elements

Mar 3, 2021

Your skin naturally renews itself every 27 days by shedding its outer layer of skin. However, not all those cells fall off, which can leave your skin patchy, dull, and dry. Also, as we get older, the skin cell regeneration period slows down. (Oh, the joys of aging.) Don't worry; you probably haven't been utilizing exfoliation—our favorite secret weapon against dull skin and aging. Here's how a regular exfoliation routine with our CBD&Honey Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub (2-3x per week) can help your skin: 

Sugar Scrub

1. Brighten Your Skin

You know that feeling you get after dusting and vacuuming your home? Suddenly it's brighter, fresher, and way more enjoyable to sit in. Exfoliating your skin is the same energy. When you slough the dead skin cells accumulated on your skin's surface, you reveal happier, healthier skin underneath. (Plot twist: Much of the dust you vacuum IS your dead skin, so by "same energy," we mean, "literally almost the same thing.")


2. Get Deeper Skin Hydration

Here's a surprising perk of exfoliation: it enables your moisturizer to penetrate your skin more deeply, thereby providing more effective hydration. How? Dead skin cells act as a barrier between you and the product you apply. When you exfoliate dead skin, you're essentially removing obstacles so that your product can do its job. If you're looking for a hydration product, we're partial to the Healing Honey Body Oil ($16).


3. Boost Collagen Production with our CBD&Honey Sugar Scrub

Long-term exfoliation can increase collagen production! That's right—just by indulging in a luxurious Sugar Scrub, you can encourage your skin to start behaving younger. (Collagen is the stuff that helps maintain skin elasticity and glow.) 


4. Avoid Ingrown Hairs

We see you, bikini season. Ingrown hairs are a result of an aggressive hair removal process or clogged pores. They're the worst, but Sugar Scrub is a helpful tool in dealing with these pesky bumps. For prevention, exfoliate before you shave or wax. This allows the razor (or paper) to get closer to your skin, reducing the likelihood of a messy removal. For treatment, use Sugar Scrub to reduce inflammation and redness and gently exfoliate to help the ingrown hair come out of the skin. 


5. Even Out Skin-tone 

This one is obvious, but we'll say it anyway. If you're regularly exfoliating, you will see a more even skin tone, a clean slate, if you will. Prep your skin for hydration, treat it to a house cleaning, and don't forget: Ingredients matter. Aka, please avoid synthetic fragrance, parabens, and nonsense for the sake of your health and body. While we're on the topic of things to avoid, watch out for exfoliating scrubs with plastic microbeads; they're bad for you and the environment. 


Exfoliation is genuinely critical to any healthy skincare routine, and if you haven't tried our Skin Health products yet, well, we'd be honored. Our CBD&Honey Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub is formulated with nature-based ingredients to help your skin thrive, rejuvenate, and heal. Everything inside this jar is good for you and kind to the Earth. It also comes in a refillable option, as to reduce the carbon footprint and help you save 20%. Wondering about its lifespan? Most customers report having this jar for 3 months before needing a re-up.