From Passion to Acquisition: Lord Jones' Rise, Fall, and Closure

From Passion to Acquisition: Lord Jones' Rise, Fall, and Closure - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jun 6, 2023

 Our cautionary tale of two brands...

Lord Jones Founders

The story of Lord Jones is like a movie, starting with its launch in 2015 by a power couple focused on creating a visionary company committed to producing premium natural health products.

Whereas Life Elements started in 2006 as a 100% woman-owned nature-based body care company and launching our CBD collection in 2017. 

Celebrities loved Lord Jones

With success and fame shining on Lord Jones, the accolades rolled in and celebrities and media outlets jumped on the Lord Jones bandwagon.

In contrast, Life Elements started out with friends and family, and with word spreading, influencers started coming to us because our products were actually helping them.

Chronos acquisition of Lord Jones at a suspicious valuation in 2019

Lured by the media blitz and sales, a colossal corporation (Cronos) swooped in, acquiring the glitzy brand under a cloud of suspicion (a 28x valuation😳 Really?!)

In the meantime, we remain a family-run, self-funded company without any outside equity, and continue to serve loyal DTC customers and over 100 amazing retail partners in the US and Hong Kong.

Lord Jones advertising budget was in the 10's of millions

The pursuit of fame, outlandish bloated ad campaigns, and insider profit took center stage, leading to a heartbreaking decline.

Unlike them, we’ve never been able to advertise successfully due to a limited budget (it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a campaign), so we bootstrap the business with strong word-of-mouth campaigns helped by loyal customers along with our organic social media presence.

Crazy out of touch Lord Jones CBD ads

The downfall of Lord Jones began with their loss of identity, and the struggle to maintain authenticity with imagery and messaging that was too obtuse and confusing for the customer (see above image ⬆️)

For us, the most common customer feedback is that our team and products are genuine, highly efficacious and truthful. We don’t need any abstract BS to clickbait customers.

So to all the Lord Jones customers, we are here to help you heal. We are not as flashy, but you will appreciate our honesty and the efficacy of soothing CBD Bath Bombs, Bath Salts and Muscle & Joint Relief.  

Lord Jones Farewell from the US Market

Give us a try and use the code LORDJONES20 for 20% off any Life Elements products now thru June 18th.

We guarantee you’ll love us too!

~ Martha & Curt

(Image sources: Lord Jones Instagram, Beauty Independent)