In Which Bath Bombs Combat Chronic Pain

In Which Bath Bombs Combat Chronic Pain - Life Elements

Life Elements

Mar 31, 2020

Customers leave reviews and then we cry about how wonderful they are. We consolidated just a few of the chronic-pain related testimonials below because if you've lived with chronic pain, you know how life-changing it is to find relief. 

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Annette on Mar 04, 2020

I bought the 200mg bombs to help with chemotherapy bone pain and neuropathy. These did not disappoint!! A bit pricey, but very worth it. I used these in my whirlpool jet tub and soaked for about an hour. My pain was well under control for the next 20 hours. Worked just as well as pain medication. 

Lifesaver for Chronic Pain!

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Chasidy on Feb 21, 2020

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for over 12 years now and like all chronic pain sufferers, I’ve tried it all. Baths have always given me some mild relief but once I discovered these bath bombs they were a total game changer! They leave my skin feeling so nice, they smell beautiful, and I can just feel the pain melt away. I sleep like a baby! It’s truly amazing how much they’ve improved my quality of life! Thank you, Life Elements, for changing my world!

Holy Moly, do They Work...

Bath Bombs For Chronic Pain

Rebecca Langen on Feb 16, 2020

We were skeptical at first that these would touch my daughter’s chronic pain or my fibromyalgia pain. BUT holy moly do they work!!! We had to negotiate as to who got to use the last one! Time to order more!!


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Jodi P on Dec 03, 2019

I recently used your 250mg retrograde bath bomb. I have MS which brings chronic and excruciating pain. I’ve been buying your 200mg bath bombs and they’ve been nice but that 250mg for some reason was life-changing—I slept deeply for once after I took that bath and I had no pain for a full 24-hours afterward which never happens.

Perfect for This Chronic Pain Sufferer!

Bath Bombs For Chronic Pain

Simon Iris on Oct 10, 2019

Someone gave me one of these as a gift, and oh man. So good. On days when my joint and nerve pain is excruciating, it makes a world of difference to be able to hop into a tub with a cbd bath bomb and let it works its magic. I also can't use products with sulfur in them, and most bath bombs have Epsom salt in them, so finding these was extra amazing for that reason. I am allergic to a ton of additives, and these don't bother my skin or make me break out, which is what tends to happen when I use most store-bought bath bombs, even fancier ones from places like lush, etc. Thank you so much for making these products and contributing to my otherwise often fruitless self-care.

MAJOR pain relief!

Bath Bombs For Chronic Pain

Jodi on Oct 10, 2019

I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back and legs. The pain keeps me up most nights and I’ve never found anything that can even touch it -pharmaceutically or holistically - until these bath bombs. They alleviate my pain at least for the day and allow me to sleep deeply the night that I take the bath. It’s a hefty price tag for one bath but to me personally it’s worth it just to get a good nights sleep for once. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford to buy these each month but whenever I have some extra money this is where it will be going. Very effective, I just wish I was a lottery winner and could buy enough to take three baths a week! 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️