Life Elements Limited Edition Holiday CBD Bath Bomb

Life Elements Limited Edition Holiday CBD Bath Bomb - Life Elements

Life Elements

Oct 23, 2020

Martha and her team are have re-released the Life Elements Limited Edition CBD Holiday Bath Bomb, and we’re here to tell you a little bit about its magic. 

What Makes This Bath Bomb Different? 

The formula for this Bath Bomb is  made with the usual, high-quality, organic hemp-derived CBD, but Martha spent months fine-tuning a very specific blend to elicit very specific emotions. The emotions are difficult to put it into one sentence, so we went ahead and made a whole list of what we think it's akin to:
  1. It’s like coming home for the holidays and feeling a wave of nostalgia as you open the front door. 

  2. It’s like Santa is real again.

  3. It’s cradling your senses in comfort of warm vanilla bean and cinnamon. 

  4. It’s pumpkin spice with homemade whip cream.

  5. It’s the magic of a starry night and a warm jacket. 

  6. It’s family time before the political talk begins.

  7. It’s turkey in the oven, and a fire in the fireplace. 

  8. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling of festivities.

  9. It’s a double-arm hug.

  10. Objectively speaking, it's the best gift to give everyone on your list. 

What is the  Holiday CBD Bath Bomb good for? 

Stress + Pain Relief 

In addition to all its nostalgic magic and comfort, the Holiday CBD Bath Bomb is a perfect way to unwind, reduce stress, and sleep better. (We all need those things during the holidays, right?) Each Bath Bomb is formulated with broad-spectrum CBD to reduce inflammation, but that's not all; Martha included additional plant power from arnica and copaiba, which work with CBD to melt tension and promote relaxation.

Skin Health 

There are also skin-soothing properties packed into these magic fizz spheres. The Holiday CBD Bath Bomb contains goat's milk, citric acid, and honey to soothe your skin, so that you'll feel hydrated and silky after your ritual. 


We think this Holiday CBD Bath Bomb is also great for gift-giving—especially for the people who are hard to shop for—you know the ones; co-workers, in-laws, hostesses, and the like. No matter who you gift the Holiday CBD Bath Bomb to, it'll be considered one of the most thoughtful and helpful gifts they receive this season. 

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