Life Elements Shower Steamers: A Breath of Fresh Air!

Life Elements Shower Steamers: A Breath of Fresh Air! - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jun 29, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good shower? The hot steamy kind that lets you breathe in the warm mist so your whole body can relax as you exhale a sigh of calming relief. Showers are a home spa meditative morning routine that help tranform our bodies and minds. On most days, you can deeply inhale, let the warm water loosen the muscles, and set intentions as the sun rises. But if you are someone who has suffered from asthma, allergies, and sinus issues, you may have also learned that there are times when the steam from a humid shower can provide much-needed relief by opening up the airways. Do you know what makes that relief even deeper? Life Elements Shower Steamers, a total game-changer that manifests a “scent-ual” shower experience for your sinuses.

What, Exactly, is a Shower Steamer? 

Shower Steamer

A shower steamer is, essentially, a bath bomb for the shower. (But do not use these in the bath!) You simply place the Steamer somewhere in the shower—either on the far end or right under the stream of water—and it bubbles, froths, and fizzes as it dissolves to release a fantastic mix of aromatic essential oils. The steam generated from the hot shower enhances the power of the scents by capturing their essence with fine droplets. 

How Can Shower Steamer Aromatherapy Provide Decongestant, Allergy, and Sinus Relief? 

Most showers are enclosed in some way by glass, tile or stone so that a basic rinse takes on a sauna-like environment when hot steam envelops the space. This hot, humid air becomes a steam room that can act as a natural expectorant to clear air passages.  

Asthma, for example, causes swelling in the airways of the throat as well as the lungs. Studies have shown ( that inhaling the steam helps decongest mucus and open up airways. 

Therapeutic scents (such as Eucalyptus and Citrus) in a humidified atmosphere such as a shower provide the fantastic benefit of stimulating the human olfactory system, where we get our sense of smell our sinus system lives (the one most triggered by allergies). Throughout history, essential oils have been used in steam rooms and saunas to enhance the mood, relieve stress, and promote relaxation. In fact, it has been well documented that different aromatic scents provide wellness benefits affecting memories and impacting behavioral response. In many contemporary spas, the soothing scents of lavender and eucalyptus mingle with the air and linger to create a therapeutic spa ambiance. By the same token, Shower Steamers provide decongestant relief as well as emotional comfort.

Why Life Elements' Shower Steamers? 

Life Elements prides itself on sourcing the most natural, organic, effective ingredients for its products, and its Shower Steamers are no different. Each Shower Steamer is artisan hand-crafted and at 3oz., designed as one of the largest bars on the market so that the aroma from the release of the essential oils has time to reach the sinus’ before dissolving. The addition of a small dose of menthol is key as a property known for reducing respiratory ailments*. 

Life Elements Shower Steamers come in two different forms: 

  • Menthol & Citrus Shower Steamer: Made with Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Grapeseed Oil, Menthol, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit Essential Oils, Witch Hazel

On most days, the Menthol & Citrus Shower Steamer can boost your mood with its uplifting and fresh citrus scent, and the cool menthol is pure motivation. On those days when you may have allergy-induced anxiety, inflamed sinus’ or asthma has taken control, the Menthol & Eucalyptus Shower Steamer may be able to help. With healing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, the clean vapor of eucalyptus works with menthol to open up sinuses and airways. Breathing in this amazing blend of ancient curative aromatherapy and medicinal moisture can make a real difference in managing morning self-care. With the Life Elements Shower Steamer, a shower routine can be transformed from the ordinary to a spectacular while restoring mind and body for a spiritual experience to meet the day's challenges and gifts.

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  • Menthol can cause eye irritation and should only be inhaled...not digested. It is also not a cure for asthma. Always consult your doctor prior to use and always use your doctor-prescribed maintenance/medicine for asthma flare-ups as directed. Life Elements Shower Steamers are for the shower only and should not be immersed in a bath. Do not touch eyes after handling. Flush with clean water if this occurs. Always be careful getting out of the shower as the floor may be slippery. Keep out of reach from children or pets.