CBD Bath Bomb Uses: Chronic Pain, Stress Relief, and Athlete Recovery

CBD Bath Bomb Uses: Chronic Pain, Stress Relief, and Athlete Recovery - Life Elements

Life Elements

Sep 2, 2020

We have a LOT of CBD Bath Bomb reviews, (which is amazing!). For your convenience, we have collected some of the most detailed testimonials and categorized them into areas you may be searching for. We hope it's helpful. 

Index of Reviews:  

  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress Relief 
  • Skin Irritation
  • Athlete Recovery

CBD Bath Bombs for Chronic Pain

chronic pain cbd 

“This Bath Bomb is a blessing. I have frequent migraines and nothing eases my pain like a nice long soak. The scent is natural and pleasant, never overwhelming which can be a real issue when a migraine starts to hit. Always helps me relax and is practically guaranteed to help ease me to sleep right after. If you try it once, you’ll be hooked.”


“My daughter and I both suffer from chronic pain—hers is due to endometriosis and fibromyalgia, while mine is due to osteoarthritis and fibro. This 250mg CBD Bomb is the BOMB!! It helps to relieve a good deal of our pain, so much so that when my hubby dips into the bomb box we make sure he doesn't take one of our 250's!! These are by far the best CBD Bath Bombs we've ever tried!”

Rebecca L 

“Love these Bath Bombs. They work well for the chronic aches and pains associated with MS. They also work wonders for stress and anxiety. I love that they don’t have artificial color or scent like many other bath bombs do. I recently signed up for a subscription because I can’t be without these!"


“I have chronic pain to varying degrees due to inflammation and other issues. I began using these CBD Bath Bombs months ago and became a monthly subscriber...I was skeptical at first thinking maybe it was a placebo effect, so I tried going a couple of weeks without a soak and I was very uncomfortable and eating way too many ibuprofen. So certainly try one of these for yourself, you will be so glad you did!”


“I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for over 12 years now and like all chronic pain sufferers, I’ve tried it all. Baths have always given me some mild relief but once I discovered these Bath Bombs they were a total game-changer! They leave my skin feeling so nice, they smell beautiful, and I can just feel the pain melt away. I sleep like a baby! It’s truly amazing how much they’ve improved my quality of life! Thank you, Life Elements, for changing my world!”


“I suffer from chronic pain in my lower back and legs. The pain keeps me up most nights and I’ve never found anything that can even touch it—pharmaceutically or holistically—until these bath bombs. They alleviate my pain at least for the day and allow me to sleep deeply the night that I take the bath. It’s a hefty price tag for one bath but to me personally, it’s worth it just to get a good night's sleep for once."


CBD Bath Bombs for Stress Relief

stress relief cbd bath bomb

“I'm skeptical of the self-care movement & the way it's been commodified. I'm equally skeptical of the proliferation of CBD companies & I'm never quite confident I've found one that delivers legitimate products. This Bath Bomb resolved all doubts. It's easily the best thing I've ever used to tend myself, my body, my desire to recharge & reoccupy my own peace of mind. Very different than using Epsom salts, this Bath Bomb really does take down the volume on anxiety, aches, tightness, & general malaise. I've relied on them heavily during these long, dark winter months, where shaking the cold from my bones (or my inertia!) has seemed otherwise impossible.”


“This Bath Bomb turned my bath into a stress reliever and muscle relaxer. In just 20 minutes I felt like I enjoyed a 90-minute massage. My skin was soft, my mind stopped racing and my achy body was feeling great. Also led to a restful night of sleep too. This is my new go-to versus a day at the spa.”


“When my body starts feeling the effects of stress, lack of yoga, and inflammation is at its highest, I reach for a Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb!! I’m so thankful for the absolutely positive effects that I immediately gain after taking a blissful bath person taking bathsweat dropletssmiling face"

Laura R 

“Bath bombs have gotten a lot of hype in recent years. Aside from producing a colorful magma of bath water to post to IG, I never really 'got' it. That is until I tried LE's version. The first time I soaked with one of these Balls of goodness, all of the tension and aches from 2020 fizzed off as I was surrounded by the gentle aroma of essential oils and dried flowers. I recall feeling like I was floating into bed afterward. Who's to say I didn't? If you're like me and aren't looking to bathe in glitter, overwhelming scents, or dyes that resemble Troll's hair, you're in the right place. This single Bath Bomb won't solve all of your problems, but it'll sure as heck reset your mind and body in ways you've not experienced before.”


“I have a very stressful career that often causes me headaches. I had also been struggling with relaxing and sleeping. I took a 25-min bath with a 200mg Bath Bomb. Amazing! I felt so relaxed after the bath and had an amazing night's sleep. I will always have these on hand to help me with my stressful days! Everyone needs these in their lives.”


 “Toss one of these bad boys in a tub, light a candle, get a glass of wine. Chill out for 30 minutes of peaceful quiet time and come out refreshed, relaxed, and ready for one of the best night's sleep ever. I use the lower dosage bombs for pain relief from workouts too. These are WORTH it. Accept no imposters.”


“I cannot imagine a better way to de-stress than this bath bomb. Hard week? Rough workout? Back pain from lifting a toothbrush? Yes, to all of it. So when I’m feeling like I need to slow down and spend a little time on self-care, this has become my go-to. Amazingly relaxing and decadent, I’m so glad to have these gems in my arsenal.”



 CBD Bath Bombs for Athlete Recovery

athlete workout recovery

“Most of the other CBD bath bombs I’ve tried can’t even touch the soreness and inflammation I experience as an ultra runner. But this blend somehow goes super deep into muscles and joints to soothe and flush out any kind of pain or stiffness! Serious self-care and injury prevention.”


“This Bath Bomb is life-changing and totally worth the price! I am active every single day, from paddleboarding to yoga, and this completely eased my soreness. Use in combination with the CBD & honey ache & pain stick!"


“As a lifelong athlete (emphasis on the long) I’m no stranger to aches, pains, bumps, bruises, muscle injuries...you get the picture. I play hard outside and expose my skin to the elements. In short, I need all the good stuff these bath bombs have to offer—they’re great for the aches and pains and super smoothing dry skin.”


“I tested two sets of the 3 pack Bath Bombs. Based on my physical activities I engage in—Pilates on the reformer and golf and the stiffness that ensues, I've found that the best product for me is the 100mg bath bomb. I'll be ordering more of this strength. I especially like the fragrance and the silkiness of the water. Fantastic products!”


“I love using these Bath Bombs when I've been working out hard. They help my body recover and relax. And they help with my sleep too!! Love them so much.”



CBD Bath Bomb for Skin Irritation

skin relief

“Not many people understand the pain and agony I go through in regards to living with lupus. My skin is sensitive so when I’m feeling a flare-up a warm bath and a bath bomb helps elevate a lot of pain from the inflammation”


“These are amazing to use at the end of a long week! Help with my sore back and dry skin. I highly recommend these!!”


 “I have struggled with sensitive skin and eczema for years And this Bath Bomb was amazing and made my skin feel normal for once.”


"Not normally a bath guy but my daughter insisted I try these. Glad I did. They're the only thing to provide relief for my lupus rash and sore muscles."

Chris F 

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