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Jan 25, 2022

Mushroom® Packaging: Going Naked Has Never Been So Much Fun

With anticipation, you eye the Life Elements delivery before you. It’s shapely. It’s colorful. And within it waits a treasured soother, sure to bring you bliss. You carefully unwrap the outer label that is dotted with witty descriptions and quips that reference mushrooms. Strange. Mushrooms? You are expecting the most efficacious elixir that blends water and alchemy to create a bath worthy of the heavens. What does a mushroom have to do with the finest of artisan crafted bath bombs known for their cleanest of ingredients? 

You cradle the “box,” turning it in your hands. It’s squishy, but firm. It’s a simple vessel that opens like a jewel box to reveal a perfectly round, intact, splendid bit of happiness...the award winning Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb.  Without too much thought, you set aside the mushroom packaging and draw your bath. You sink in and soak up the joy. Now, relaxed and content, an understanding overcomes you. This mushroom packaging is as naked as you are. You feel proud to have purchased a zero-waste product, basking in the knowledge that the vessel delivering this experience is 100 percent bio-degradable and will go right back into the earth. You have just done something good for you without sacrificing the planet. You have just taken one of the most sustainable body baths on earth using a magic bath bomb, made with the nature-based ingredients, to fizz into healing waters that melt your soul. 

That’s right! This is the Life Elements treat that keeps on giving—to you and the planet. 

What is Mushroom® Packaging?

Mushroom®  Packaging is considered an ecological alternative to plastic, containing just two ingredients...Mycelium and hemp hurds. MycoComposite™ technology takes mycelium, the vegetative body for fungi that produce mushrooms, and introduces it to hemp hurds to grow a fine structured web in six days before it is prepared as a biodegradable, fully home-compostable packaging resource.

Mushroom Packaging Benefits the Environment

  • 100 percent biodegradable and renewable material
  • Up-cycling—waste becomes raw material
  • Low energy intake
  • Low CO2 production
  • Compostable at home

Throw it In Your Garden

Mycelium is a compostable resource. Once grown, it can be placed in your garden and when it interacts with soil, it will compost in 45 days. Your soil will be more nutrient-dense and rich because of it. Grown from the earth and given back to the earth, mushroom packaging offers zero-waste. 

Make a Cute Succulent Planter 

If you look at Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb container, it is the perfect design to pot a sleek succulent. Place some potting dirt in the center of each side and gently plant the succulent of your choice for a drought tolerant, organic arrangement. You may also use the vessels to plant seedlings (similar to using the egg carton method).

The Perfect Gift 

While the mushroom package before you has been made as a custom product holder, its unique configuration can lend to many craft projects. How about a jewelry holder? Coin tray? Does a mycelium hummingbird feeder sound intriguing?

Let your imagination run wild as there are endless opportunities to up-cycle this gift within a gift.

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