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Oct 13, 2022

October 12 is National Farmers Day and Life Elements is proud to honor and thank all the hardworking farmers, ranchers, and families of growers that provide the fresh ingredients we all share.  October is a fitting time to celebrate the harvest as it stands as the traditional month for much of the agricultural industries’ bounty to debut after plowing, sowing, growing, and harvesting crops. 

At Life Elements, we take pride in sourcing our natural ingredients from farming partners that share our values of quality, honesty, and service.  One of the most important partner relationships we have is also one of the first questions people ask: “Where do you get your CBD?”  We proudly say, “From Wisconsin!”
Why Wisconsin? Yessiree…Fun Fact: Wisconsin is fast becoming a leader in organic agriculture. That heritage and quality led us to source our hemp extract and water-soluble CBD from the family owned and operated Driftless Extracts, We take special pride in using the water-soluable hemp extract as a key differentiator in the anti-inflammatory efficacy of our Signature CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Bath Salts. Based in Plain, Wisconsin, the Driftless team uses organic, GMP, and kosher certified processes and has implemented a robust track-and-trace program that ultimately ends up as some of the highest quality Full and Broad Spectrum CBD available here in the United States.
Did you know that according to the United States Department of Agriculture census of U.S. farmers, 97.1% of farms in American are family owned and operated?   Yes, it’s true!  We are part of a community of family farming businesses that help bring our wellness products to market.

The Life Elements CBD Collection includes our Signature CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Bath Salts, and CBD Muscle + Joint Relief balm which are well known for their highly effective properties that create therapeutic bath soaks and salves to soothe, de-stress, and reduce inflammation. 

Life Elements’ Founder and President, Martha Van Inwegen, loves the relationship, stating, “I have sourced CBD from a variety of qualified producers over the last 5 years and we are very happy and proud to work with the Driftless team. We appreciate knowing that our hemp extract was grown organically and sustainably from a family operation. Our conversations and business dealings are pleasant, honest and one of the most stable partnerships we have.”

Sustainable Farming
Driftless Extracts advocates for sustainable farming and crops that can ignite agricultural economies.  Investing in hemp cultivation is one such effort.  The Driftless team works with a group of other family-owned farms that produce certified organic hemp to produce cannabinoid extracts and powders as well as hemp-fiber products.
“When we originally researched Life Elements, we were immediately impressed with Curt and Martha’s ability to build a brand that practices what they preach, refraining from lip service”, says Joe Liegel, Group Product Manager at Driftless Extracts. “This is a brand led by two people that care and respect the earth deeply. The relationship with Curt and Martha has developed more into a partnership, which only happens when both groups hold the same values. I think Life Elements was happy to hear that Driftless isn’t just supplying certified organic cannabinoid ingredients but are also involved in research and development in the hemp fiber and sustainable materials manufacturing industry, here in Wisconsin. Life Elements believes in our goal to develop 21st century agricultural practices that focus on soil health and sequestering carbon. Our family businesses are happy to support one another, and I am particularly glad to call Curt and Martha my friends.”
Life Elements is like-minded and has a vested interest contributing to the health of our environment. Since Life Element’s inception, it has eliminated 85% of plastic from its collections, hugely reducing its carbon footprint. Eco-conscious efforts include the creation of Life Elements Refillable program, the use of compostable stand up bags, the significant switch to Eco Smart® vessels and now, in its most aggressive conservation commitment, the use of mushroom packaging within its CBD Bath Bomb Collection.
As part of the San Luis Obispo County Community, Life Elements has been a founding member of Farmstead Ed and the SLO County Farm Trail where we have multiple partnerships to source many of our raw materials and formula ingredients.

Want to support farming communities?
1.     Wherever you live, shop at your local farmers market for fresh produce, eggs, meats, and more. There’s nothing better than discovering a new vegetable to add to your dinner recipe!
2.     Volunteer at your farmers market and gain valuable insight into presenting foods to the public.
3.     Eat seasonal foods for quality and freshness.
4.     Get to know your local farmers and the crops they grow. Know where your food comes from and how it gets from the farm to your table.
5.     Ask your grocery store manager to stock locally grown food and ingredients.
6.     Help educate our children about the importance of farming: The National Farm to School Networks offers a variety of resources to help start or expand a farm-to-school program in your area.