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The Best Bath Bomb Available - Life Elements

Life Elements

May 18, 2022

Mercury retrograde 2022 is in full swing on: May 10 - June 2Meet the Life Elements Mercury Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb...Combat the challenges of Celestial Phenomena with the Best CBD Bath Bomb on the market!

We’ve got you covered during the 2022 Mercury Retrograde astrological happenings and superstition with our blissful CBD Bath ritual to calm the chaos.  The fun begins on September 9th as Mercury goes retrograde, all the way thru October 1.  Here are some facts, fiction, and our tried and true wellness plan, to relieve stress on the mind, reduce inflammation on body, and uplift the spirit…or shall we dare say “spirits”.  


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Essentially, this event is when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards (retrograde) through space when viewed from Earth.  While known as an optical illusion due to orbiting differences, astrology enthusiasts share the belief that during this cycle, life as we know it, turns upside down…especially relationships, technology, travel, communication, and the psyche. Think about what you say and do and be careful not to open Pandora’s box with miscommunication and misunderstandings.  Take note of tech glitches (car, computer, phones) and try to keep your sanity when it seems as if that overwhelming feeling won’t go away.


Life Elements Retrograde Remedy

Mercury Retrograde is not the end of the world. In fact, by embracing the super charged energy it represents, it can be an enlightening and empowering experience.  To help keep things in perspective (or at least take the edge off), we developed the Life Elements Mercury Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb.  Made with 250 mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD as well as a heavenly blend of essential oils including ylang ylang , frankincense, myrrh, palo santo and patchouli, our Mercury Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb provides a soothing soak, to not only “thwart cosmic chaos”, but provide a natural healing effect. Yep, it’s time to take a bath, center yourself with the universe and live life your way…don’t sweat the small stuff.  


Friday the 13th:  Magic or Myth

13. Labeled an unlucky number, 13 can inspire dread, incite public imagination, and trigger natural superstitions to spook us mere mortals. For some, the fear of Friday the 13th is so frightful that the phobia has been named “triskaidekaphobia”.  While the folkloric origins surrounding Friday the 13th are unclear, there is a tradition seeking spiritual connection within Christian as well as pagan cultures. On this particular day, there are long-held beliefs that bad luck is assumed if you walk under a ladder, break a mirror, open an umbrella indoors, spill salt, see a black cat or step on a crack.  Basically, with any slip up on Friday the 13th, your “chi” (radiance and vitality in life, and health and order in your body) is doomed.


Life Elements Spiritual Self-Care Solution

Did you know that the concept of superstition describes a belief in chance or magic. This is your chance to harness your inner witch, summon a blissful spell and marinate in magic.  Yes, it’s great day to seize your power back, stay home and take a bath.   Simply drop in Life Elements Mercury Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb into your tub’s warm waters to wash away your fears. Hey, if it can stop chaos in its tracks, it can certainly bring good luck!! This particular bath bomb is part of Life Elements highly rated Bath Bomb collection sporting a mystical reputation for delivering the cleanest and most efficacious ingredients known to nourish from head to toe.  If you can’t tap into your sorceress skills, just channel Taylor Swift…her lucky number is rumored to be 13!


Super Moon Lunar Eclipse:  Charmed by Blood & Flowers on May 15th

The May 2022 Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse was both a Blood Moon AND a Flower Moon. The Blood Moon is a full moon that is blocked of its view of the sun by the shadow of the Earth. The Blood Moon is oft seen as a bad omen as it is believed that our mind, body, and spirit seek balance to stabilize the conflict influenced by the sun and moon’s battle.  The Flower Moon is the Full Moon of Spring signaling the end of frost, the fertilization of seed, and the bloom of flowers. For centuries, stories and songs have chronicled total eclipses and their legendary effects of on humans with the combination of these two Super Moon’s encouraging the positive brightness of the Flowering Moon to care and heal the perceived ills of the Blood Moon.


Life Elements Rejuvenating Ritual

Full Moon’s have historically given hint to a time of rebirth. To start anew. And a bath, is a symbolic cleansing ritual offering a fresh release in connection with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  So yes, we are telling you to celebrate the changing meta-physical atmosphere surrounding you by taking a bath.  Drawing upon the, shall we say, the most efficacious, supernatural and out of this world properties found in Life Elements’ Mercury Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb, set your meaningful intentions and transform your bath into a peaceful realm to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate sore muscles, combat dry skin, and melt away stress. 

Whether searching to soothe the soul-sucking planetary pandemonium of retrograde, conquering that chilling prophecy, or settling the karma of a Blood Moon’s bedlam…we have a plan. Life Elements’ Mercury Retrograde CBD Bath Bomb saves the day with an ethereal experience that gently engages the senses, taking a pause to balance chakra energy and counteract any undesired, unexpected, unusual, or unlucky occurrences. For more of the best natural CBD products, take a look at our other CBD Bath Bombs and some of our other products including CBD Body Oil, CBD Face Serums and even our CBD Ache & Pain Relief Stick! Be well friends!!