Where Can I Buy Bath Bombs?

Where Can I Buy Bath Bombs? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jul 5, 2022

At Life Elements, we focus on providing our customers with natural, handcrafted products that help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We take the time to carefully create formulas for each product that is good for the earth while also being great for your body, mind, and spirit.

One of our most popular products is our line of bath bombs. The CBD Bath Bombs originated with the Signature Series, but we have since expanded our line to include specialty Bath Bombs. They come in different strengths and with a variety of holistic ingredients designed to create relaxation, relieve inflammation and muscle aches, and to help soothe the skin.

Choosing a Strength

Our CBD Bath Bombs range from 50mg to 300mg, with different formulations offering specific strength levels and various essential oils. The strength determines the level of CBD in the bath bomb, with lower strengths perfect for mild discomfort, and higher strength levels ideal for after workouts or particularly painful or stressful days when sleep may be hard to come by.


Additional Ingredients

Life Elements formulations include essential oils and natural ingredients, such as honey and oatmeal, to create a soothing, hydrating, and inflammation-reducing component to the bath bomb.

Various organic essential oils help with detoxification and circulation, both of which support health and wellness while also aiding in recovery and muscle soreness reduction. The beautiful scents of pine, eucalyptus, Palo Santo, myrrh, Ylang Ylang, sweet orange, and sandalwood allow you to enjoy a 20-minute soak and mental getaway from the stress of life.

Let us help you find the the best CBD bath bomb for your self-care routine to reduce inflammation. If CBD Bath Bombs aren't your thing, we also offer CBD Bath Salts, CBD Foot Soaks, and CBD topicals to help with inflation. For assistance with your order, contact us at 805.460.4102.