Three Benefits of Honey for Skincare

Three Benefits of Honey for Skincare - Life Elements

Life Elements

Oct 30, 2019

What are the benefits of honey? Honey's remedies have stood the test of time, dating back to the 5th century BC. Therefore, there are quite a ton benefits to choose from. Below you find a just a few, and which Life Elements products you can find them in:  

Promotes the Healing of Wounds

  • Honey is naturally antibacterial. That makes it a much better alternative than a petroleum-based salve for minor cuts and wounds. (Petroleum products have no nutritional value to your skin; it is derived from crude oil, which may contain the same toxic chemicals found in oil—some of which have been found to cause cancer. Yikes.)

Anti-bacterial for Acne

  • Certain types of acne (Propionibacterium) are bacteria. Honey's antibacterial properties help heal acne and restore the surrounding skin. Your skin is an eco-system; you want to add ingredients to promote health so that the eco-system can work in synergy. You don't want to add products that essentially nuke everything on the surface of your skin—especially the good stuff!


  • Honey has an incredible ability to hold onto water, thereby making for an excellent moisturizer. But that sounds sticky, right? Not at all! If you've used either of our Sticks you know they go on smoothly, absorb quickly, and smell naturally divine. Martha uses her product alchemy knowledge to remove the stickiness of honey while maintaining its benefits for the sake of your skin. Why is moisturizing our skin so important? In addition to anti-aging and wrinkle-fighting, a good moisturizer restores balance to your skin. 


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All Life Elements honey is ethically-sourced; that means we only extract from hives that are overflowing. We have been beekeepers for years and love them very much.