Three Facts About the Efficacy of our Bath Bombs

Three Facts About the Efficacy of our Bath Bombs - Life Elements

Life Elements

Aug 31, 2020

The difference is not in the details, it’s in EVERYTHING. Here are the top three facts related to how and why our CBD Bath Bombs are so efficient:
1. Nano-Water- Soluble CBD
This simply means increased efficiency. When CBD dissolves in water, the particle size is reduced, but the contact area increases. Because of the way soluble CBD is absorbed, it can be up to 10x more effective than regular CBD. Hence: Powerful pain relief and relaxation.
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2. No Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances
There’s no calm way to say this…so here it is: You do not want ANYTHING synthetic near your naked body! Dyes can cause urinary tract infections or yeast infections. Fragrances can mess with your hormones and may cause birth defects. Both harm the environment when you wash ‘em down the drain. When we see hot pink bath water and a tub lined with glitter, we literally cringe.
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Customers always comment on the “silky but not soapy” water when they use one of our Bath Bombs, and it’s because they’re artfully crafted with the finest, cleanest Earth-derived ingredients on Earth. Seriously. Please do not use the artificial nonsense, you deserve better than that.
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3. Individual Doses
Each Bath Bomb is handmade for a few reasons. For one, we are obsessed with quality control. And two, we want to guarantee that each Bath Bomb is loaded with the exact amount you need for your pain and stress relief. (Those two reasons are technically related.)
When companies make CBD bath bombs in bulk, accountability falls by the wayside. The CBD is distributed and lost among the mass of ingredients, and there’s no way of knowing whether or not the 200mg you need for that chronic pain is actually in the very bath bomb you ordered.
That’s why we literally use a tiny spoon and dose every clapping hands single clapping hands one to ensure accuracy. You’re trusting us with your purchase, and we do not mess around with that means the world to us.
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