What Are CBD Bath Bombs and How Do They Work?

What Are CBD Bath Bombs and How Do They Work? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Jan 19, 2023

Bath bombs have been around since the late part of the 1980’s and have since been a cult favorite for anyone trying to unwind after a long day. The goal of a bath bomb is to create a fizzing experience when the bath bomb comes in contact with the water. This effervescence results in a movement in the water that improves efficacy by dispersing the essential oils, scents, or other ingredients contained in the dry bath bomb.

The Benefits of Adding CBD

One of the wonderful things about new formulations in bath bombs is the addition of more than just essential oils and fragrances. Today, CBD bath bombs are extremely popular as they provide the luxury bathing experience combined with the substantial wellness benefits of CBD.

Many users find the addition of CBD to the bath bomb offers enhanced relaxation by potentially providing muscle and joint relief. Combined with the warm water and the addition of other ingredients that promote inflammation relief, these bath bombs offer a natural way to relax and improve overall health and wellness.

Other Ingredients

CBD bath bombs contain a specific amount of CBD allowing the user to choose from lower to higher levels to suit their specific wellness goals. Combining CBD with Arnica and Copaiba enhances the ability to soothe muscles and improve circulation to the skin, which can also help with healing and recovery.

Adding oatmeal, honey, and goat’s milk provides benefits for your skin. These natural ingredients help to soothe surface irritation, moisturize, and soften the skin and leave it healthy and hydrated.

CBD bath bombs can be used in conjunction with other CBD products. Choosing broad spectrum CBD bath bombs means there is no detectable THC present in the formulation.