What Are CBD Bath Salts?

What Are CBD Bath Salts? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Apr 28, 2021

Life Elements CBD Bath Salts are coming soon, and we are tangibly excited. If you know us, you know our Signature CBD Bath Bombs put us on the map for the most powerful pain relief on the market. Now, we're adding to our water-activated pain relief offerings with our own CBD Bath Salts. But what are CBD Bath Salts, and how are they different than Epsom Salts? How are our CBD Bath Salts different from our Signature CBD Bath Bombs? Two words: Magnesium Chloride. 

Why We Need Magnesium: 

Before we talk about the Magnesium in our CBD Bath Salts, let's talk about the Magnesium in our bodies. Magnesium contributes to over 300 internal reactions, ranging from regulating blood pressure, synthesizing proteins, and monitoring muscle and nerve functions. However, up to 68% of Americans don't meet the recommended intake. 
The benefits of Magnesium Chloride are plentiful:

You can incorporate Magnesium Chloride into your diet through supplements, or, you can embark on a soothing, CBD Bath Salt experience, aka transdermal magnesium supplementation. Remember, up to 64% of what we put on our skin can be absorbed. (That's why there are somewhat alarming reports of accumulated amounts of oxybenzone from sunscreen in people's bloodstream.)

What's the Difference Between Magnesium Chloride and Epsom Salt? 

Martha intentionally formulated these CBD Bath Salts with Magnesium Chloride flakes, not Epsom Salt, because Magnesium Chloride flakes can be easily absorbed into our bodies. As opposed to Epsom, Magnesium Chloride has a high solubility, which allows its benefits to travel through your dermal layers and deliver all the amazing benefits we just mentioned above. 

What's the Difference Between CBD Bath Salts and CBD Bath Bombs? 

The main difference between these two nature-based pain-relieving products is the ingredients. Both contain broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, however, the CBD Bath Salts work in conjunction with the Magnesium Chloride, and our CBD Bath Bombs are blended with different earth-derived ingredients such as arnica, calendula, and honey. Both are wonderful for your skin, stress relief, and pain reduction. 

When are Life Elements CBD Bath Salts Coming?

Life Elements CBD Bath Salts will launch in May, but newsletter subscribers get early access to pre-orders. Be sure to sign up, stay in touch, and get ready to love Life Elements in a whole new way. 
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