What Is CBD Body Oil And How Does It Help The Skin?

What Is CBD Body Oil And How Does It Help The Skin? - Life Elements

Life Elements

Feb 27, 2023

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over a hundred identified cannabinoids that naturally occur in hemp and, to a lesser degree, in cannabis plants.

Hemp-derived CBD can be found in full spectrum or broad-spectrum formulations. Full spectrum CBD is the full extract from the plant and has up to 0.3% THC, which is legal under the Farm Bill Act of 2018. Broad spectrum CBD goes through an additional process to remove detectable levels of THC while leaving all other phytocompounds.

Broad spectrum CBD extract is combined with other ingredients and a carrier oil to make a rich, luxurious, and natural CBD body oil. Our carrier oils are a combination of olive oil, almond oil, hemp seed oil, and even rice bran oil, all of which offer benefits to the skin.

Soothing Properties

Besides, CBD, our plant-based CBD body oil uses a variety of additional natural and herbal ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. For example, Goldenseal and Calendula are used to hydrate the skin and help to support the natural moisture barrier while also soothing and healing skin rashes and areas of surface irritation. Tepezcohuite is a plant that is recognized for its ability to help heal injuries to the skin, including from sun damage.

Applying CBD body oil after a bath or shower is the best way to have the oil absorb into the skin and help retain that moisture. Massage the oil across the skin’s surface, paying particular attention to areas where the skin is rough, dry, or irritated.

Regular use of CBD body oil promotes healthy, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin. It is also a wonderful option for massage oil, leaving the skin rejuvenated after each massage.